The new cyberdigs.

As you probably know if you saw my last post here I’m not entirely thrilled with Blogdrive. Their sites just don’t seem to work much, and they don’t have much to provide in the way of explanation. They’re still telling us it’s the upgrades they announced in early October, which were only supposed to take an hour or so in the first place. So, I’ve decided to come here.

I can tell you right now that this will be temporary, because it doesn’t exactly fit the bill. The switch is a give and take, from what I can see so far. I gain a spellchecker, but I lose a lot of flexibility as far as adjusting the template and adding pictures and such. I’ll be skipping around the templates a bit – let me know when you like what you see.

I also lose the polls, but gain a site that actually works. Give and take. For the present, I’ll try to think of “non-clicky” type polls. And I now have the thing that does this.

It looks like the wordpress software coupled with the host of my choice might give me the flexibility I want, as well as giving me the polls back. I don’t know much web techie stuff yet, so it will take a while to figure out. I’ll be working on it hard, though, because this won’t feel like my blog until I can make it look and act my way. Any advice/help is welcome and appreciated!



  1. You can add some photos & such by using html code in the text widgets. Also the template I use allows you to put your own image in it (right now I have pumpkins). I dig WordPress; hope you do too 😉

  2. Happy New Home! I bought you some cookies, but I ate them in the car. Sorry. Got any diet Coke?

  3. Eden….. yeah, that thing you said. I’ll learn what that was. I did try to bring my bridge pic over, but the templates don’t allow me to use the whole picture.

    Paula…. nuthin’ but water tonight!

  4. Well all I know is that at your old blog, MTIH was the FIRST on your blogroll. And you know how important that is to me. How dare you not keep us all updated on every little tweak to it!!! And yes, this is a dig at someone who doesn’t read your blog anymore.

  5. I rather like the sparse, uncluttered look. It says metropolitan, it says in demand, it says unencumbered, it says there’s a flight leaving, let’s go now.

  6. Hey Joe. I don’t mind the new temp either, but wherever you go, be sure to let us know 🙂

  7. Oh but i will miss the polls! Agree about blogdive though today is the first time this week i could even view my own!

  8. I feel bad for O’Tim.

    Wait, Boiled Dinner’s #1 now?

    Let’s hear it for alphabetical listings!

    To be honest, Joe, I don’t care where your blog is. I still get to read your stuff, and that’s why I come ’round. I’m sure you’ll figure out the image thing — it’s a simple “a href” code that should let you do it. I do dig your polls, though, so you gotta get that a-workin’.

  9. I don’t think you should have Sitemeter in the middle like that … looks weird. Plus peeps might think that’s the end and not look for more blogs. If you did reverse alphabetical though, it would work just fine. 😉

  10. Paula- yeah, I noticed that, too, but I had to stop blogging and start STUDYING, as much as I didn’t want to. I’ll see if it won’t work in one of those text widget thingies.

    Koz- I’ll still have pols, they just won’t be the “clicky” type for awhile. You’ll have to comment on them!

    Mellow – mine is finally back up today, without the last few posts! I made the right choice.

    Cheezy – Always!

    Sour – Uncluttered is cool, but I want my pics and polls back!

    O’Tim – I think he WANTS to….

    Has anyone noticed that my TT is full of links?

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