Thirteen Onomatopoeias (Click ’em all!!)

  1. Bam!
  2. Pow!
  3. Wham!
  4. Boom!
  5. Zap!
  6. Whoosh!
  7. Ping!
  8. Crack!
  9. Zoom!
  10. Splat!
  11. Bang!
  12. Pop!
  13. Vroooooooooooooooom!


  1. Blam! Excellent 13! (didn’t I see most of these on “Batman” as a kid? tee hee)

  2. Nat- You sure did, but I think they take o additional meaning when you follow the links…..

  3. I clicked them all! Love the racecar and Bam, but my fave is … SPLAT!!

  4. Mine, too….. it’s like being a monochromatic Jackson Pollock.

  5. I just spent 20 minutes between the maps and SPLAT!
    Good read on Lester Bangs, and ain’t that Betty Bowers a hoot?

    Great post Joe!

  6. O’Tim….. I chose that map site for you. I figured you’d dig it. I found a close-up of the intersection in Elgin that I lived on, circa 1880!

  7. i love splat!

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