For Whom the Bell Polls.

It seems that Blogdrive has finally caught up. The “last post”that I referred to below is finally visible, as well as the racecar post that a lot of people didn’t get to see. I guess my complaining was unjustified……. it only took a WEEK.

Anyway, this switch kind of fubared the poll, but I seem to have a definitive answer anyway. It seems that most of your favorites, like mine, are dead. Figures, eh?

Of course, like many folks, my answer depended on which category we were talking about.

As far as actors go, most of my favorites have gone. There are still good actors around, with Johnny Depp and Jack Nicholson being my modern favorites, but let’s face it…… on the whole, they just don’t make them like James Stewart, Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, and Henry Fonda any more.

As for musicians, well, what kind of music? All my favorite jazz musicians except the great Mose Allison and the now retired Max Roach are gone. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still go the the Jazz Fest when I can – my next favorite might be just starting out! The ones I listen to the most, though….. Miles Davis, Louie Armstrong, Milt Jackson………. all gone.Blues is a mixed bag….. as long as Buddy Guy , Marcia Ball, and Charlie Musselwhite are around, I can’t say all my faves are dead. If I could go back in time, though, I’d sure want to see Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, and Elmore James perform, not to mention Howlin’ Wolf and John Lee Hooker. In rock, most of my faves are still alive. In my opinion, the rock stars that die seem (for the most part, not entirely) to be the ones with flamboyant personalities, the charisma to make it seem like they’re better musicians than they are, and that is why they become legends. I still miss Jerry, though.

I pay less attention to the art world than those other two, so it’s kind of a mixed bag. My favorite painter, Ivan Albright, is long dead, but I saw one of my other favorites the other day. She was the woman in this story, and here is some of her work. It’s beautifully detailed (far more so than the scan reveal), and usually weird. She also painted the picture for Sybyl’s grave marker.

So what did we prove? In most cases, real talent dies, while the mediocre persist.

By the way, how’s NaNo going? Anyone way out in front?

On to the next poll, then. There is no where to click here at WordPress, so you’ll have to actually express yourself. I suspect that many of my poll participants were lurkers, and I certainly don’t mind the lurkers. I do hope that they’ll come out of the shadows, though, for the polls at least. We won’t bite, honest! Unless you smell like cupcakes, then watch out for Paula.

ANYWAY……. who do you think is the funniest?

These guys?

These guys?

These guys?

or These guys?



  1. Abbot and Costello. Nothing is funnier than Who’s On First–NOTHING!! Plus, Abbott is hot.

  2. The Marx brothers

  3. Marx Bros., hands down.
    Then Stooges (w/Curly or Shemp ONLY)
    Then L & H
    The A & C

    I’ve never been much for duos (though Franken & Davis and Penn & Teller are good). L & H were great physical comics, and I like Lou Costello’s expressions, but Bud Abbott is just too straight of a straight man for my liking, and just comes across as a buzzkill most of the time.

  4. O’Tim says I am weird because I am the only woman he knows that LOVES LOVES LOVES the Three Stooges. So of course they are my vote.

  5. Jen- You are probably the only woman on the PLANET that likes the Stooges!

  6. Groucho, Chico, Harpo and Zeppo. Absolutely. Animal Crackers, Horse Feathers, and Duck Soup have yet to meet their match.

    A strong 2nd is the Stooges. The other two …


    Ook ook

  7. Marx Bros. all the way. I only liked Curly and the others, eh.
    Where are the cupcakes? Hope they’re not chocolate.

  8. The Marx Brothers always cracked me up the most, followed by The Stooges. I never found Abbott and COstello that funny, with the exception of the “Who’s On First” bit. ANd Laurel and Hardy? They made me chuckle.

  9. I grew up on the old vaudeville comedians, and you’ve named some of my absolute favs. The Marx Brothers have always been tops for me, followed closely by A&C, 3S & L&H. If you haven’t read it, pick up Harp Marx’s autobiography. It’s fascinating.

  10. Marx Brothers for me. I thought their humour was ahead of their time in terms of irony and that. It hasn’t dated either.

  11. Yea nat! Another woman of taste and discrimination!
    And she chips away at the feeble plaster of Joe’s contention that A&C are funnier than the Stooges! What a gal!

    You see, I KNOW from funny.

  12. Marx bros for sure

  13. Actually, Tim, Nat mention MY fave first….. The Marx Brothers. And my plaster is not so feeble with both Paula and Koz shoring it up.

    Of course, I understand where you’re coming from, what with the extra chromosome and all….. 🙂

  14. The Stooges for sure. I grew up watching their show ALL the time!

  15. Marx Brothers. Absolutely.

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