It Never Ends.

Now that I’ve got the blog working, the home computer is ready for the ol’ dirt nap. First, it had problems rebooting, which is VERY inconvenient in a laptop, and now the cpu fan sounds like it’s grinding coffee. Posts might not be as regular as they usually are for awhile.

I guess I know what I’m buying myself for Christmas.



  1. If it’s not one thing, it’s my mother.

  2. AQnybody got an extra computer laying around that I can use for a month or so?

  3. I’ve had this Dell laptop for a few years – I know most people diss Dell but the Compaq I had before this one only lasted 18 months and cost a lot more.

  4. Ruth-

    I’ve spoken to a lot of my clients about their Dells and they were all happy. And yes, the one that just croak IS a Compaq, but it lasted a few years.

  5. Paula…lol!

    I like my Dell, until it gets old. Then they suck. Is that a common thing for all brands, really?

  6. I have had my desktop no name brand for years. The only problems I have had is it getting fried twice from lightning strikes. Jealous? 😛

  7. Soooooo…. no name units attract lightning. Good to know!

  8. Our Dell hard drive failed when this thing was barely a year old. We lost 1000s of photos (thankfully the best were posted to Flickr) but everything else was backed up. We wouldn’t take another Dell if it were free.

  9. I’ve been having HD probs with the Compaq for over a year, so I wouldn’t say that it’s just the Dells.

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