I’m getting something…..

…this weekend! Guess what it is!

Hint: I bet Paula wins.



  1. A cupcake?! Shooze!? A NEW LAPTOP?!!!??

  2. a new laptop? lucky you. sounds like it is party time!

  3. Laid?

  4. Paula – Nope, nope, and nope. What else do you like?

    JK- I WISH. I’ll probably get a tower instead of a laptop. They’re easier to upgrade. That will be next month at the EARLIEST.

    Eden – Et tu, Brutus?

  5. A kitty!??!!

  6. It’s a kitty, isn’t it?? Hurry up and say! I bet it’s a kitty. Ooh, kitty!!! I want pics!!!

  7. Paula- You’re close.

    It’s TWO kitties! I’m getting a set of siblings. I’ll pick them out this Saturday morning. I’ll try to get a friend with a digital to take pics ASAP.

    I hope Angus takes this well.

  8. Congrats!! I’m so excited for you. KITTIES!!!

  9. Pictures! We want pictures!

  10. Great – I would have thought it would be the wrong season over there. I just got 2 kittens as well!

  11. Cool, Ruth! didn’t know that kittens had a season, though.

  12. I hope Angus takes this well.

    I recommend you get some doggie antacid or the like, in case he has trouble digesting them.

  13. O’Tim…… have I mentioned that you’re an awful person? 🙂

  14. And what are you naming these little poop machines?

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