Something you should read……

…. about a brave little girl who could use a little help. 



  1. It’s remarkable how resilient and uncomplaining kids are in the face of serious illness. It must be hard to have to struggle for funds. I guess your health system doesn’t pay for treatment — I don’t know much about it.

    (Happy birthday btw)

  2. Ruth – IF you have insurance, you might be okay if it’s a good plan, but there are millions of people in America without. Something like this will devastate those families.

    On your second point…. thanks!

  3. oh, was there a birthday? was there a party? chocolate cake? balloons?

    michael moore’s movie about health care, Sicko, should be out in june i think. something needs to change. everyone deserves healthcare, imo.

  4. Oy, what I get for being busy! Thank you so much for the prayer wishes my friend! She is such a special little girl. I can tell you now that she doesn’t hane insurance… none of them do now that they lost their jobs taking care of her. Many of us don’t have health coverage and it can take a huge dent should the worst happen.

    Happy Thanksgiving Joe. I hope your day is full of laughter and good food!

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