Bah, Humbug!

It’s amazing how small and stupid people can be.

I’m not a homeowner yet, bu I decided long ago that when I am, I will never belong to a homeowner’s association. People claim that they are there to protect the value of all the properties in the association, and perhaps they do, but at what cost? You give up the right to design your own lawn space, to pick the color of your house, and to decorate as you wish. You pay a mortgage, taxes, and association fees just to be bullied around on your own property.

This makes no sense, anyway. It is simply a way for a stupid little prick to feel like a big shot with a lot of power.

Something else about this bugs the hell out of me….. the fact that “a few people” believe that the peace sign is a sign of Satanism. Everyone else there knows that it isn’t. Why are facts constantly subordinated in favor of belief? Why is it her responsibility to cater to their misinformation, and not THEIR responsibility to learn the truth? All over America, we are constantly told that we must respect something simply because someone believes it, yet there seems to be no need to respect things that actually have evidence to support them.

I refuse to respect nonsense just because someone who is too lazy or stupid to do some research believes in it. I don’t care if it’s religion, politics, or whatever – either back it up with something I can research, or admit that it is only an unproven belief.



  1. We have an HOA here, and I don’t mind it at all. It annoyed me in our old neighborhood that peeps could act boorishly and there were no rules. I had to listen to a fucking screechy bird every night for two years until I shot it. I mean, until it mysteriously flew away one day. People here decorate as they please for holidays and whenever–on their own unit, not on common area. But yeah, only certain paint colors, etc.

  2. I finally watched the Davinci Code last night, so I’m completely aware of your point about symbols being misrepresented. But a peace sign? Cmon. How can that offend anyone? It’s absurd. And your comment about homes reminds me of the episode from Third Rock From the Sun when they all move into a condo and join the condo committee. They end up trying to ban wind chimes. Then they get sick of it all real quick and move back home. Too. funny. And too true. I rented a house in a condo complex once and even that was bad enough to put me off of ever buying one. Apparently, a lot of these associations are actually broke or in deficit.

  3. A friend of mine had several run-ins with the Napoleonic prickhead of his HOA. It almost came to blows one time.

    I see Paula’s point about the benefits, but this dude in Colorado obviously has a complex of some sort, and has crossed a line.

  4. I couldn’t agree more on both counts. Say ‘no’ to homeowner’s associations and ‘no’ to respecting stupid beliefs! (i do respect everyone’s right to hold a stupid belief though!)

  5. well, back in my evangelical days, a looonnnggg time ago, i remember doing a paper on the peace symbol as a satanic symbol. the idea was that it was a broken cross…what a bunch of crap, really. (i have one on my car nowdays) as for HOA, i love living on the farm here, and doing whatever i please. i feel sorry for my friends with the HOA- they can’t even bury a pet in their backyard.

  6. I think this is quite bizarre. We have no such committees here thank god.

  7. ” they can’t even bury a pet in their backyard.”

    But perhaps they can bury the President of their HOA there……..

  8. HOAs can be a real pain in the ass. But I got news for you; not joining one won’t mean you’re not going to be told what you can and can’t do to your home and yard. At least if you move into any sort of covenant-controlled neighborhood. Those covenants are in place whether you pay HOA dues or not.

  9. A city lawyer told me once that HOA and codes, covenants and restrictions or more or less “suggestions” and not legally binding. Yeah Satan!

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