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 Nat recently wrote in the comments:

“Hey, how’s the computer situation? I miss your music posts, man!”

First off, thank you Nat! It is good to be missed. I miss writing them, as well. The only posts and comments I’ve been able to do are from work, and I have to work AS WELL, so time there is limited. Since there will be a break from school here shortly, and since my neighbor is taking a bartending job, I may be able to post more from her computer throughout December, I don’t know. I’m almost caught up with the bills that got behind while I was unemployed, so I’ll be able to start setting some money aside soon for the new rig. The fact that I’m making more now will help, too. I am not, however, going to get the first thing I can afford. Between school, blogging, and my underground recording collection, I am what my cybergeek friend Ron calls a “power user”, so I’ll need something fairly well decked out. This might take a month or two to do, so my regular features might not be regular again for a short while. Believe me, no one wants to change this more than I do!!! I appreciate the fact that someone cares, though.

Second order of business is the kitties. As I’ve said before, I wait until their personalities suggest a name, that way I know I have the perfect name. For instance, I never ONCE looked at Sybyl and said “I should have named you “such-and-such”. Sybyl was the PERFECT name for that cat. She was one of the strongest personalities that I have ever encountered in ANY life form, humans included, and will always be one of the most missed.

This isn’t hapenning with the new kids, though. They have personalities, of course, but no names have popped up as the perfect choices. They’ve been a bundle of fun, however. They started coming out of hiding after just 1 1/2 days. The girl is the more adventurous one by far. The boy is shyer, and just seems to get into things by following his sister (I think to protect her). Once he starts playing, though, he is the more gung-ho of the two.

She was the first to bond with me as well, though they have both done so in record time. I had Sybyl for 5 years before she jumped up on my lap willingly. Both of these kittens jump up on my lap several times a day, and sometimes sleep there. While they started out sleeping in a box next to my bed, they now just use that for afternoon naps. The last two nights, they have slept in my bed with me. The first night was unrestful for me…. they’d sleep a little, then take turns killing my foot for the protection of kittykind. Around 2:00 AM there was a rousing game of “King of the Mountain” on my head. Last night was mellower, with only an occasional foot-killing (Will kittykind never be safe?). I think we’ll be able to work this out, eventually. Anyway, it seems that they’ve accepted me as “Dad”, and Angus as an older brother with a fun tail to chase and clobber. It’s great to know that we’ll be this close, and even closer, from here on out.

However, no names are jumping out just from their actions or personalities.

Last week, Paula sent me an e-mail suggesting musical names. She even suggested a couple specific names, but I didn’t care much for them. They were kind of “girly”, to be honest. I think the basic idea, though, has merit, and for almost a week now I’ve been thinking of them in terms of a couple of  names that I came up with. Thus, I guess I can just go ahead and make it official, with one caveat. When I take them for their booster shots on the 16, they will ask for names. If something more perfect does come up between now and then, I may change the names. Whatever I call them on their medical record come the 16th will be permanent. These names are about 95% permanent right now.

img_0795.JPG   img_0778.JPG  img_0787.JPG

And so, without further ado, may I introduce my little boy “Miles” (the black one, after Miles Davis) and my little girl “Billie” (after Billie Holiday). Ain’t they just the sweetest things?



  1. Perfect names! YOu should keep those names!

  2. Great names! They are cuties. Tiki still plays Kill the Foot almost nightly. Mornings are for mrowing and playing Clatter the Windowshades.

  3. That reminds me…. they discovered Clatter the Windowshades last night. The vertical blinds add a new dimension to kittyboxing!

  4. I wait too. My kids have named the new ones, and I’m going to have to change the ginger one’s name “Charlie” just doesn’t suit him. Strange isn’t it.

  5. omg, joe, they are so freakin cute! kittens/cats are the best. I’d have 20 of ’em if my house wouldn’t stink and people wouldn’t talk. 😉

  6. Your cats are gorgeous, mate! And I like the names too. They suit them well.

  7. Thanks, everyone… oh,and Dawn…… just wait 30 years, no one will talk then…. 🙂

  8. Purrfect. I always said that black cats should be named after jazz musicians. My last male black cat was Mingus. I have also heard of black cats named Brubeck and Basie.

  9. You did well Joe. I love the names and just know you will end up sticking with them and the Vet. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. I’m with you in theory, MC, except for one thing….Brubeck is white!

  11. JoeJoe – how about…Fred and Ginger? Or is that kinda expected?


  12. Miles is on our short list for baby name.

  13. Very, VERY cool, Jen!

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