My third kitten.

It seems that I actually got three kittens two weeks ago today. I had only intended to get two, but the third is undeniably there. She wasn’t noticed at first – she never made an appearance until Miles and Billie started investigating the apartment. It was, in fact, Billie that found her inside the entertainment center, which she never leaves.

She does come to the glass on occasion, though, to try to sniff Billie as Billie tries to sniff her. Billie is frustrated that she can’t get inside to meet her, and slightly mystified that the other kitty can’t get out. The new arrival is intuitive, as well – almost precognizant. She always knows when Billie is creeping up to the glass, intending to jump out and surprise her. She always matches Billie leap for leap. When Billie puts her paw to the glass, the other kitty’s paw lands on the other side. When Billie tries a surprise leap in the air to land on her nemesis, her nemesis mirrors the leap precisely and hits the same height at the same time. When Billie stalks off to think about the situation, the other kitten slinks back into the recesses of the entertainment center to plan more deviltry.

Miles hasn’t noticed her in the least – he isn’t the type to go looking for trouble. She sure preys on Billie’s mind, though. Billie is determined to meet this kitty eventually.

Unlike the first two, I have no problem picking the perfect name for this new arrival. O’Tim already suggested it, and Paula echoed him.

What else? I’ll have to call her Spectre.



  1. Hah! That’s great.

  2. ooh, pics! more pics! 😀

  3. Seconded! Pix definitely needed! 🙂

  4. You guys realize this isn’t a real cat, right?

  5. “You guys realize this isn’t a real cat, right?”



    Post pics anyway. We’re not real commenters.

  6. […] Billie has been noticing that the mystery kitty, Spectre, is appearing in mirrors and windows as well as in the glass on the entertainment center. How does […]

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