Judicial whining reaches a new low.

Is this guy fucking kidding me?

Scalia says that he can’t raise a family on a mere $165,200 per year. He’s tempted to go back to the private sector.

Well, don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you, douchebag. I’ll bet I could raise your family just fine on that much money, and keep your mistress well boned in the bargain.

But here’s the part that really cranks me off:

He mocked those who interpret the Constitution as a living document that has evolved over time.

He referred to the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence on the death penalty, which has cited “evolving standards of decency” to ban the death penalty for juveniles and the mentally retarded as cruel and unusual punishment.

“I have no idea what the standards of decency are out there. I’m afraid to ask,” Scalia said.


Does he honestly not understand how people might consider executing children and retarded people to be indecent? Is he really that oblivious to what most people consider civilized society?

Is this truly a person who should sit in judgement of others?



  1. Scalia’s a nightmare and disgusts me, but your link doesn’t lead to an article on him. Not that I need one to hate him. Yeah, I hope he leaves the court to get a cushy $500,000/year job at a law firm. Good riddance.

  2. “Is he really that oblivious”


  3. Wow. By his logic, he may not have a family to raise if his kids step on the wrong side of the law. Problem solved.

  4. Maybe the green fees at the golf course where Scalia plays the front 9 with Dick Cheney are a bit steep?… and suck up most of that $165,200?

    Maybe we should support the poor fucker by buying this?


  5. “Scalia’s a nightmare and disgusts me, but your link doesn’t lead to an article on him. ”

    It does where I’m at, Paula. I don’t know what to tell you. I just checked it twice, and it takes me right to him!

    You must be clicking it wrong. Try to put a little English on it! 🙂

  6. Funnily enough, the tim I clicked on it, it took me to that website’s front page, and I then had to click the ‘Back’ button to get to the Scalia story…

  7. wow, scary..

    if he can’t live on that much money, he must spend a LOT of money on hookers…

  8. I really think this underlines how absolutely out of touch the people in Federal government are with the rest of the country. They have absolutely no idea what pressures we deal with or what our lives are like. DO they think we all live like the rich people they’re used to living THEIR lives with?

  9. These bureaucrats are getting paid WAY more than they would in the private sector. They are here, anyway.

    What a horrible little man.

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