Peter Boyle 1935 – 2006

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A true dramatic and comedic talent has died. I first saw him in Young Frankenstein as a kid, but I loved his performances in Taxi Driver and Johnny Dangerously later on. It was his presence that made me watch Everybody Loves Raymond in the first place, and his character was by far my favorite. He was the main thing that brought me back to that show time after time.

I’ll miss him.



  1. I love YF! That’s one of the funniest films ever. (If you don’t think so, obviously you don’t get it.) Hate ELR, but that’s cuz of R, who is NOT funny. Boyle was a great talent. He was in this other thing with four wackos who escaped the loony bin–what was that? Boyle thought he was Jesus or something. It was hilarious.

  2. He was an unsung great, for sure. I remember him in all those flicks, but also in ‘Monster’s Ball’ – he was damn scary in that.

  3. Paula – Dream Team with Michael Keaton. Hilarious, just as they were in Johnny Dangerously

    And R is funny, especially in that episode where Joel Stein guest stars. 😉

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