Snowy Desert poll

Well, it’s happening again…… we’ve got a nice pile of the white stuff, just in time for Drunken Fool’s Day, always a great time here in the DWI capitol of the world. It made me think of another poll, since it has been quite awhile since I thought of one……….

 So here ’tis –

Suppose it were IMPOSSIBLE to live in a climate that suited you to a T. Don’t ask why, it just ain’t gonna happen. Would you rather live in a climate that is too warm for your tastes, or one that is too cold for your tastes?



  1. I take it your drunken fools day is what we call Hogmanay.

    Have a good New Year when it comes!

  2. Hey Mirk! I’ve been wanting to ask, why no anonymous comments at your site? I used to have a Blogger account, but the sign-in no longer works. That’s why I haven’t been commenting over there, just in case you were wondering…….

  3. How warm would too warm be? If we’re talking hot tropics, okay. If we’re talking 120 degree deserts, then no, I’ll go back to Chicago. My perfect weather would be 75 all day, every day.

  4. warmer :}

  5. Still no snow here in Ontariariario. But that’s a good thing. Made bringing the new bundle home a little more pleasant;o) Come have a look!

  6. it’s sorted :0)

  7. I already live in both, at different times of the year, of course.

    I disagree/agree with Paula – I would rather live in the hot ass desert than in Chicago; 75 all day, every day (w/low humidity, natch) would be swell.

  8. Too cold. It’s easier to put on layers of clothing, blankets, etc. to warm up.

    You can only get so naked.

    (I say this as a native Floridian, now proud Pennsylvanian.)

  9. Colder, if only because most people look better with too many clothes on, rather than too few.

  10. Hey Joe! Happy New Year. No snow in Detroit. Was 48 and sunny yesterday, raining today. I’d say colder is better than too hot. You can always put on a jacket, but you can only take off so much.

  11. Neither. I don’t like your question. I want to live in Utopia where everything–weather included–is perfectly suited to my means.

    Next question?? 🙂

    P.S. Happy New Year, Joe.

  12. too warm, no doubt about it. I can’t stand the cold!

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