Thursday thirteen kitty update

1. They’ve fully accepted me as “Dad” ( although I believe they actually call me “the Big Kibble”) , which means equal parts of love, awe, defiance, and fear.

2. They’re treating my house like the Enola Gay treated Japan. They’ve destroyed every houseplant, inspected every inch, and even, in a fit of pique, pissed on the bed. That experience is where a lot of the fear comes from.

3. They LOVE the tub. It’s like their own little wrestling arena, they can slide around and knock into each other to their heart’s delight. After my shower, they run to the tub to watch the last drops go down the drain. Just yesterday, Billie figured out that if she pushes the shower thingie down, water will come out faster. Great fun!

4. They also love to watch me pee. When I head to the bathroom, Billie runs in with me, often with Miles in tow. Originally she would put her paws up on the toilet rim and watch with amazement. Now they jump up on the rim for a better look, creating a “dodge the kitty” game that we can all enjoy. Then the big finale…… the flush. That’s the most amazing thing in the world. They will actually get down into the bowl to inspect this event.

5. Billie is by far the more curious, as well as intrepid. She wants to know about everything. Miles follows along, and as soon as he sees that what she’s into is safe, he’s frequently the more gung-ho.

6. Miles is far more affectionate, and in fact I suspect that he’s bullying Billie when she gets 1 on 1 time with me. She only asks to be petted a few times a week (even though she liked me before he did) , but he wants lap time every night. He’s more likely to sleep on my pillow, although she does sometimes.

7. They just LUUUURVE Angus. Especially Billie. She just thinks he’s the bee’s knees. When he comes around her face lights up like a movie set. She seems to consider him as being venerable, and treats him as so. His trips to the backyard – actually leaving the house- give him high status.They love to play around him, leaping over him and getting his tail. He doesn’t seem to mind at all. I think he likes having the company.

8. They won’t drink from the water bowl I keep filled for them. They want to drink from Angus’ dish.

9. Billie has been noticing that the mystery kitty, Spectre, is appearing in mirrors and windows as well as in the glass on the entertainment center. How does she do that? (Miles also notices, but isn’t nearly as concerned about it.)

10. They will actually sleep with me. My dear departed Avatar and Sybyl would visit me in bed when I first climbed in and get some attention, but if I moved my leg or rolled over, sayonara. These two will stay the night. Usually it’s one by my side and one on the pillow. This is usually cool, but can be dangerous. For an explanation, see my comment to this post.

11. Since the peeing on the bed episode, they are only allowed in the bedroom when I go to sleep. This has created a new morning game when I’m ready to leave for work. It’s simple. They try to get into the bedroom, and I try to keep them out. It can be a challenge, but I always win.

12. As much as they love Angus, they were not at all eager to meet Hito, the pit bull next door. Zip!  Under the Fridge.

13. Toys are a waste of money. I got them a great multi-colored rubber bouncy ball with a bell inside it. They ignore it completely. What do they like? Well, for the last week they’ve been having a royal ball with one of those plastic tabs you peel away from the cap of a milk bottle to unseal it. They also found a marble, which skids across the linoleum in the kitchen like no one’s business. If the snake doesn’t eat the rat I gave him on Sunday, I know Billie would like to play with it, also.

Lagniappe.  Even though they are at least twice the size they were when I got them, they’re still the cutest little purrballs currently in existence.



  1. I want to comment but I don’t have a cat. Can we talk about Mia, my little Shih-Tzu? No? Well okay then.

  2. Hey you can do whatever you want in YOUR TT.

  3. Cocoa likes to hang around in the bathroom when I take a shower. Tiki waits until the water is off and then mrooows to come in. If a drop of water gets on her though, she zips right back out. I cut back on their food a little (cuz the vet said Cocoa should lose a bit, and Tiki is getting plump, too), which makes them love me more. Or act like it anyway.

  4. They LOVE the tub. It’s like their own little wrestling arena, they can slide around and knock into each other to their heart’s delight.

    My last house happened to have a huge, whirlpool bath that, bein’ a shower-peep, I used mebbe twice. That tub caused Visitin’ Peeps to “Ooooh!” appreciatively, and to remark that I must love to use it. I’d tell them that I didn’t, that it was the (Official) Play Area of the Siamese Kitty Sumo Wrestling Team. The VP’s would laugh until they realized I was serious.

    Then, they’d suddenly remembered a pressing engagement, leave, and never return.

  5. Welcome, Sylvia! My tub IS my shower, and the kids love it, even though they get their feet wet watching the after-shower drips go down.

  6. Mr. Joe the Troll wrote: “Welcome, Sylvia!”

    [beaming!] Thenk yew!

    Miz Paula sez to me, she sez, “Go get yer own blog, why doncha!” So, I ran away. [bitterly] Oh, yes, she’ll be sorry when she finds out that I ended up livin’ under a bridge!

    [blushing] Ummm… no offense, ‘K? I mean, I love what ya did with the place… [cheerful] So, what’s for dinner?

  7. You have a choice…. goat chops or goat medallions with dill sauce.

    Please don’t ask which part of the goat is the “medallion”.

  8. Goat is good this time of year :/

  9. Goat’s ALWAYS good. Breakfast of Champions.

  10. They’re treating my house like the Enola Gay treated Japan.

    Flying kitties?

    Sylvia, I think you should co-blog with Joe’s kitties and name it Under the Fridge

  11. Oh, man, you make me miss my cat Sammy, who, like Paula’s Tiki, always wanted in the moment I stepped out of the shower. Sammy also didn’t care for store-bought toys. Favorites were bottle caps, empty film canisters and twisty-ties.

  12. Mr. Joe wrote: “You have a choice….


    “goat chops or goat medallions with dill sauce.”

    [/pleased] Oh. How… nice. [best guest smile] Actually, I’m still kinda, ummm… full from this morning’s blueberry and goat pancakes.

    “Please don’t ask which part of the goat is the ‘medallion’.”

    [staring] I live in TX, fer gawd’s sake. [considering] I hope that no one told ya that medallions come from hoofs or sumpthin’ like that…

    So, ummm… how about Hawaiian Goat Mini-kabobs? Nooo! Let me choose the cuts, ‘K? Least I could do, doncha know.

  13. Any cut you don’t use I’ll eat later. Waste not want not, y’know.

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