Yvonne De Carlo 1922-2007

I’m sure you’ve heard the news that Yvonne de Carlo, best known as Lily Munster, has passed on. Myself, I was always more into the Addams Family. I thought the Munsters was kind of weak. I know her from other things, though, being a classic movie freak. For instance, every time I see Road to Morocco, I watch Dorothy Lamour’s handmaidens very carefully to see if I can finally spot Yvonne in that giggly clique. I also remember her from the very first episode of Bonanza – she had Little Joe wrapped around her little finger.

Reading the news articles, it occurred to me that most of you who are not classic movie buffs may only be thinking of this image-


If so, you may be wondering about all that stuff they’re saying about her being a beautiful, glamourous sex symbol. You’re probably thinking “Lily Munster? Glamorous? Gorgeous???”

Well, I’ll tell you, before The Munsters, she was a living doll. Here’s some pics to show it, and to show how I think she should be remembered……..

 1524ecc0.jpg d17972.jpg



Kind of funky that my very first boobie post is Lily Munster, eh????



  1. I can see why Herman had a flat head. I only knew her from The Munsters but then i only knew Fred Gwynne from the Munsters until her turned up in Pet Semetary and i spent the whole film wondering where i knew him from.
    The lead singer of The Damned always made me think of Lily Munster. Must of been the hair.

  2. Lucy – Fred was in “My Cousin Vinnie” and he was FANTASTIC!@!!!! I never really considered him an actor of any depth at all until I saw that, and I was very much impressed. A really funny script, too.

  3. Mmmmmmmm Donuts!

  4. My Cousin Vinnie was freaking hilarious! Loved Gwynne in that. And I liked the Munsters, but yeah the Addams ruled.

  5. Yeah, well, most people look better alive. Lily Munster looked rather fetching, too… well, ya know, considerin’ that she was dead and all.

  6. Sylvia – the bat’s supposed to go in her hair.

    On her head.

  7. LOL Sylvia!

  8. Your first boobie shot. I’m so proud of our young Joe! 😉

  9. Hey Jen! Boobs over here!

  10. Mr. O’Tim wrote: “Sylvia – the bat’s supposed to go in her hair.”

    [shrugging] The bat was tryin’ to get away from Beezer Kitty and just happened to fly into frame.

  11. I live within a couple of miles of towns named “Lily” and “Munster.” I just wanted to say that and “nice tits.”

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