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Last March, not long after I first began blogging, I wrote a post naming Fred Phelps as 2006s Asshole of the Year. Then, several months later, I could not resist the urge to name President Bush as a contender. You may read the reasons why by following the links.

(BTW, while you’re there, check out the overall look of my old site, and compare it to this one. My next post – not this one dammit– my next one will ask you what you think.)

Anyway, I’m going to leave it up to you, my gentle and perceptive readers, to put it to a vote. Which one, based on the criteria set forth in the linked posts, will be Under the Bridge’s first annual Asshole of the Year?

After this is complete, I will being having a monthly poll to determine Asshole of the Month. The monthly winners will compete for Asshole of the Year 2007 next January.

So, whaddaya think?

Running Tally:

Phelps – 4

 Bush – 11



  1. Phelps is an asshole, but the Decider takes the prize!

  2. For the first time in my life, I’d have to say that Bush has got my vote.

  3. Phelps. Bush is the cockstroker of the year.

  4. Phelps. Bush is a dumbfuck, not an asshole.

  5. Absolutely Bush.

    Phelps can be ignored. Bush has too much power to ignore.

  6. Bush gets my vote!!

  7. Phelps is a world-class asshole, but Bush’s actions affect more people, namely, a lot of people who are dead and can’t vote themselves. My vote to Bush.

  8. Wow, if only government elections had choices so compelling.

    X – Bush

  9. Have to place my X next to Bush on this one. Scratch another one down for the pres.

  10. Bush.

    Asshole of the Month is a great idea Joe!

  11. Bush has more power. Phelps is more of a joke. Unfortunately we have to take Bush’s level of assholery seriously. I’d lean toward Phelp naturally b/c he’s so oderous but yeah. It’s Bush.

  12. I think Bush gets too much of a ‘free pass’ from people who look into his little chimpy eyes and assume he’s simply as thick as nutty shit. And therefore can’t be too evil. The old ‘insanity defence’.

    Oh yeah, he’s stoopid alright. In too many ways to count… but he’s still a fucking asshole.

  13. My vote is for Bush. God that sentence is scary.

  14. Well, Jennifer, this time it’s only a sentEnce. In 2000 and 2004, it was a sentAnce.

  15. Phelps, hands down. He’s Grade AAA Asshole all the way. Bush is too, but that’s mostly proven by the fact he became President. Much of your list of complaints is typical politicized simplification and some of it just plain false. Or at least false as far as blaming Bush goes. Also, relative power should have nothing to do with relative assholitude. And it’s true, he’s not stupid. He’s just trying what his people think is best for the country. No, really, stop laughing. History will judge. Critically. But meanwhile, Phelps is True Blue Sphincter Meat.

  16. “and some of it just plain false. Or at least false as far as blaming Bush goes.”

    Bull. He’s in charge. A REAL president once said “The buck stops here.” This chickenhawk took five years to admit responsibility for anything. I’m just glad that he has fewer enablers now. Just you and Fox News, Don!

  17. ” He’s just trying what his people think is best for the country.”

    Like I said… Cockstroker of the Year.

  18. “A REAL president” put the plaque out as a publicity stunt, and what it said was and always has been true. Bush’s style is execrable, but the decisions he’s been faced with allowed for few possibilities of success. I’d say that being Asshole In Chief is less a personal thing than disrupting soldiers’ funerals, so Phelps stands as AHOTY.

  19. While I disagree (strongly) about the value of our Prez, I do agree with Don about his vote. I vote Phelps too, simply because ANY Prez can be voted AHOTY in any year. Not that all Presidents are assholes, but there are always people who will see it that way. It’s kind of like Time’s Person of the Year….. any American President could get that in any year, just by virtue of his position. Looks like Bush wins this election anyway, though, Don.!

    BTW…… the winner for one year is not eligible again the next year unless he/she does something REALLY assholey, like escalating a useless war or something extreme like that.

  20. Yeah. Tho’ I supported the Iraq war, and now believe it’s a cock-up mostly due to incompetence and hubris, I’ll go on record today that stirring up a war with Iran would represent truly transcendant assholiness.

  21. I second what Don said! Unfortunately, Bush doesn’t care what we peasants think. The only way we can make him care is for about 30 million Americans to mass outside the White House and refuse to leave until he steps down.

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