And what’s colorado got? Nuthin’, that’s what!

I’m really beginning to get interested in the next Democratic primary. Here’s why.

So far, the Dems have a woman, a hispanic, and a black guy with a funky name. I may be goinmg out on a limb here, but I predict the Republicans will go with the rich white guy approach.

Should be interesting.



  1. Lots of NZers take a keen interest in US politics – and I agree it is at a very interesting juncture here. I’m looking forward to it too.

  2. They stick with what works for them. Unfortunately, it rarely works for the rest of us. I hope people are not fooled by Mitt Romney, though, since he’s a gigantic asswipe.

  3. Personally, I’m a tad peeved that all the Dems seem to have time for lately is to play grab-ass over an election that is nearly two years away. Sure, the Repubs are doing it too, but say, what did the Dems accomplish in those first 100 hours of Congress anyway?

  4. ^^^

    That were me, BTW.

  5. We have a monkey as PM in the UK

  6. [selecting second favorite crayon]

    [carefully printing name]

    Does anyone else want to sign this “Sorry to hear about yer Identity Confusion!” card for Mr. O’ Tim?

  7. They have John Edwards too. They always have a Southern white dude.

  8. All the candidates are rich. Who GAF if they’re white or not? Besides, Hispanics are white. At least to me they are.

    I like Romney because he seems reasonable. He had to be to govern Mass. I don’t know why his typically Mormon stance on gay marriage should matter to anybody. If Congress wants to okay it, as Prez he won’t put up that big a fight.

  9. Don, I live in MA and Romney did a LOUSY JOB running the state. LOUSY. Do you think it’s reasonable to spend two years doing a half-assed job governing, then abandoning the state to campaign for President? And why shouldn’t his anti-gay stance matter? Funny, when he ran for Gov. here, he said he was OK with gay marriage, but as soon as it looked like people would turn on him, he “waffled” and went anti-gay marriage. He didn’t live here until he wanted to be Gov., and he moved away as quickly as he could so he could set up his Pres. campaign in Michigan. He ran here on an “I Saved The Winter Olympics” mantra. BIG FAT DEAL. He’s just another rich white guy who wants to tell the rest of us what we can/cannot do.

  10. And don’t get me started on his whole “I lowered taxes” take. Sure, taxes are slightly lower, but towns are suffering and the “No Child Left Behind” act is a joke. Schools are overcrowded and underfunded, police depts. are cutting their budgets, etc. And we are paying out the a%^ in fees for this and that. The taxes were cut, but fees went through the roof. Not really a break for the people, is it?

  11. And just one more thing…”like Romney because he seems reasonable. He had to be to govern Mass.” Does that mean you voted for Dukakis????? 😉

  12. Go, Nat go!!!! 🙂

    Sylvia – Pass the card over here…… there was a time last year when he thought he was me, too… poor devil…..

  13. All points to Nat. I don’t know shit about Romney. If all you say is true then fuck ‘im. And no, I didn’t vote Dukakakakakis either. Who was on that year? Oh shit, I did vote Dem that year. *cringe* I had a visceral revulsion to G. Bush. What choices we had. Get.

  14. I’m going to vote for co-presidents Jimmy Buffett and Jerry Jeff Walker

  15. My (admittedly early) tip at this point: Guilliani vs Edwards. A rich white guy face-off!

  16. I actually pity those dumb enough to buy the Giuliani hype. Oooohhh, he made some tough talk for the cameras 5 years ago….. he must be a great leader!

  17. Re: DNC to Denver. I can’t wait for the circus to come to town! Should be phenomenal people watching.

  18. [selecting second favorite crayon]

    [carefully printing name]

    Well, AFAIC, mizsoopreemDROOLER you can just stay under that bridge with all the trolls and hillbillies who don’t have cool linky windows like those of us with blogs! NYAH and DOUBLE NYAH ! ! See if I ever invite you over for goat’s head soup again! And don’t be givin’ me nunya tiny freekin’ tears, either. The kitties cannee save ya now! You’re dead to me!

    (^^^this was written by my wife).

  19. Geez, O’Tim, you talk about living under a bridge like it’s a BAD thing…..

    Kitties can save ANYBODY….. they just usually choose not to. They’re like that.

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