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As many of you know, this wasn’t the first “Under the Bridge” site. I liked the first one just fine, until it started having problems actually posting poasts, and your comments. When I’d had enough, I switched here.

This has been fine from a utilitarian standpoint, and it DOES give me the thing that does this, but there are things I miss as well. For instance, I had more control over the photos, and thus the motif, on the other site. I had the polls. I was able to change the size and color of my text. And the damn bullets worked.

My original plan was to use this while slowly tweaking a blog into exactly what I want, then having it hosted on my own. I haven’t been able to do that, though, since my home rig croaked and the birdies might be building nests by the time I replace it. In the meantime, I’m a little frustrated by how some of my posts look, and while that banner photo was the best available, I don’t know what scads of salad onions have to do with anything.

Before I move back, though, I thought I’d get a few opinions. Which format do you like better, this one or this one?



  1. I like the old pic, layout, and polls, but I’m enjoying the way this one is free of that glitchy updating thing. I’d move back ONLY IF you’re sure they’ve fixed that.

  2. This one’s easier to read, but I LOVE that picture at the top of the other one.

  3. I preferred the look of the other one but looks aren’t everything it needs to work. I tried wordpress myself yonks ago and did not like it. I found I could do nothing with it looks wise (perhaps I’m just stupid though) and the pic thing really pissed me off. That’s why I stuck with blogger.

    If they have sorted the problems or even just some on the old blog and you can put up with the occasional problem I’d try it again. After all you have to like the look of where you put your articles stamp your own identity on it and I don’t think that can be done on wordpress.

  4. Old one. And I use MovableType on my own domain. Woiks for me.

  5. Gekko – “Movavble Type”? Tell me more.

    I guess I’ll do a few test posts, then make up my mind. If it works reliably, I prefer the old one, too.

  6. I think the onions are funny. (It’s the content that counts)


    Free for non-business users.

  8. Mr. Joe the Troll remarked: “I don’t know what scads of salad onions have to do with anything.”

    Hello? They lure in the Billy Goat Gruffs.

    Ooooh! Neat-o pix at yer original blog. I gather yer restricted to rigid, pre-designed layouts in this one?

  9. Sylvia – Nuice take on the onions. I hadn’t thought of that.

    And you are correct. Over there, I found and placed the pics…. here, it’s what they give me. I could have put my own in, but their template crops the hell out of it so it isn’t recognizable.

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