That’s soil, folks!

I just heard a person on the radio mention that he was standing on “American soil”, and it got me to wondering……..

 Suppose I have a pickup truck loaded with dirt, or “Good ol’ American soil.” I then drive this truck into Canada, where I dump the entire load. Is it then “Canadian soil”, or is it “American soil currently residing in Canada”? Before I dumped it, was it “Tourist soil”?

Help me with this, please. It’s the kind of thing that bugs the hell out of me at 3:00 AM.



  1. I dunno. I guess it becomes Canadian (squatters rights)

  2. Yeah, what do the NON-Canadians think? 🙂

  3. Shamey, shamey, Mr. Joe! Doncha know yer Bram Stoker? Yer Nosferatu? Yer Chiller Theater?

    If ya did, you’d know that Transylvanian (hey! lookit that!) soil, for instance, remains Transylvanian (that’s so cool-esque) soil, even when transported to London. I strongly suggest that you do not seek employment in International Vampire Transport. I’m sorry, but, that’s how it is. Have a nice day… NEXT!

  4. I DID think about that, Sylvia, but I thought that might be different since ol’ Vlad never dumped the dirt out of the box.

  5. It’s North American hybrid dirt with American undertones. Goes great with salad.

  6. I would go with it still being American soil no matter where it was in the same way that the person who took it into Canada would still be American.

  7. Obviously you have to look at it under a microscope to see if the leetle wormzoids are waving American flags or drinking Molson’s.

  8. Aw, Mr. Joe, I was just funnin’ ya. I can’t imagine saying that any soil belongs to anyone, outside of a legal sense. Plate tectonics, innit. Never know when “our” land is gonna pick up and head elsewhere. Most disturbin’, really. I mean, how do you plan yer garden and all?

    “The land was ours before we were the land’s.
    She was our land more than a hundred years
    Before we were her people.”
    — Mr. Robert Frost

  9. All I know is that if the soil wants to return to the US now it will need a valid passport

  10. what? I thought ALL soil was American soil. Don’t we own the world yet? 😉

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