One year ago today……………..

…………… your favorite Troll started his own blog with this post.

Man, the years get shorted as you get older, eh???? I’m celebrating with a brand new Trolling the Underground, below. Don’t forget that TtU comes with a contest!



  1. Happy Birthday, UTB!

  2. awww, your blog’s not even out of diapers yet! 😀

  3. That’s okay Dawn……. neither am I.

  4. Happy blog birthday, Joe!

  5. Well done on making it to the first year. Thats the honeymoon period over then, its all uphill now!!

  6. JtT said, “That’s okay Dawn……. neither am I.

    Planning a trip to Orlando?

    Congrats on your first bloggerversary!

  7. Happy Blogiverary! although I’m a little bit late posting this. Somehow, I thought you’d been around a lot longer. I hope you continue many more years!

  8. Hey, I just dug this up from my comments -just three days before the maiden voyage of UTB (this was in the midst of one of those kefuffles involving Zionists and OCites):

    Posted by O’ Tim : February 02, 2006 7:53 PM: I recommend, Joe, you get a blog going. You’re the kind of intelligent, wordy bastard that fits right into the blogosphere… I promise I’ll come by and talk shit about whomever you want.

    You may reward me with origami (1st year and all).

  9. Yes, folks, that’s right…… you can blame O’Tim.

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