We’ll always have paris…… to kick around.

Well, it looks like Paris Hilton has done it again.

What, you ask? Another DUI? More homemade porn? Mistreating the doglike thing du jour? More racist stuff said in private? Still rolling her own joints instead of hiring migrant labor to do it?

No. This time she’s committed the ultimate debutante faux pas.

 She looked bored at a formal ball. The whore.

How dare she? She gets to go to formal balls all the time. Her priviledged life has granted her the ability to go to countless formal balls, many of which have been in formal ballrooms. How dare she not be giddily excited? Doesn’t she realize that there are millions of mundane, boring people trying to live lives of privelidge vicariously through her? Does she not care about the masses of non- to moderately attractive young women who, largely because of wicked stepmothers, never get to go to a formal ball, and were watching her fiddle with her program on TV? Doesn’t she realize that these hangers on are the REASON she’s in the news, fucking and yawning the way only an heiress can? Just who does she think she is, someone who can be bored when she’s at a function of some type?

 I think she owes all the boring, lackluster people of the world an apology.



  1. Like Oh my god. What a bitch.

  2. People need to understand that Paris is 26 now and likely tired of the glitterlife. She was probably thinking about something serious such as adopting a baby from Antarctica or helping to stop the burning of Fossil watches.

  3. Her boredom offends me. I demand an apology. Also, alcohol rehab.

  4. Mr. Joe wrote: “We’ll always have paris… […] ultimate debutante faux pas. […] She looked bored at a formal ball.”

    “As debutantes in white dresses and their escorts in black tuxedos and tails marched into the ornate ballroom, Hilton was seen resting her head in her hands…”

    Noooo! She was hidin’ her face in shame after she saw that the debs wore white, ’cause she wore *blue* (the Germans wore grey).

  5. That’s what old age does to ya how will all her flunkies cope?

  6. it’s pretty sad that something that mundane can make the ‘news’, but (un?)fortunately Britney’s faux pas has taken over and Paris’s story isn’t even listed at that link you posted anymore…well, I should say I couldn’t find it anyway if it was.

  7. Dawn- Still there when I click! I just saw that Britney thing this AM and you’re right. It IS the same type of story. The “Who gives a crap” type.

    Sylvia! What e-mail can I write to you at? I gots somethin’ ta aks ya!

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