Generic kerfuffle

You’re all fucking wrong, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. So there.



  1. You are SO delinked!

  2. Well, that’s WRONG!!!!!!

  3. Antisemite!!!

  4. Antitrollite!!!!!!

  5. You jerky



  6. Has someone turned two pages at once here?

  7. ive been marriwd 16 years im always wrong

  8. Yer damn right yer always wrong, and watch how you turn those pages, twit!

  9. And you can’t PROVE I’m a jerky jerk. You’re just making shit up!

  10. Fuck you and your pit bull too.

  11. Yeah? Well, I didn’t vote for your kid ’cause they didn’t have NEGATIVE numbers.

  12. My kid wasn’t running for anything, fuckwit.

  13. Yer kid couldn’t run for cover in a hailstorm, asstard.

  14. HA! I win. Yer aaaawwwlllllll yella!

  15. Yer mothar was a hamster and yer fathar smelled of eldeberrieeeeessss….

  16. republican!

  17. Such vile nastiness! You all need to go to confession!

  18. Jollykay – for maximum effectiveness, always be sure to capitalize that word. What are you, stupid?

  19. You’re all a bunch of degenerate morons. You deserve to be stripped naked, shaved bald, staked down, and kicked in the nuts repeatedly (or in the nappy dugout for you wimmins) on general principle.

    Ook ook

    PS: I forgot to call you asstards, fuckwits, or any other combo-name there is.

  20. I’ve been married 20 years and I’m still always wrong!

  21. Can’t we all just get… ah, fuck all y’all.

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