Oscar predictions!

I predict the Oscars will be boring, trendy, superficial, and have more to do with what’s popular than what might have some actual artistry to it.

 Same predictions I make every year.




  1. I predict I won’t even watch the stupid thing, same as every year!

  2. Oooh….yeah! I forgot that one.

  3. Oh Guru blessings upon you!!

  4. I predict there will be some sort of “scandal” over an article of clothing, worn by a “celebrity” I’ve never heard of, and I will be annoyed when some ignorant yahoo asks my opinion about it because they’ll assume I have any interest in it.

    Ook ook

  5. Seeing as it is on overnight over here, i have a good reason to miss the whole thing and be able to read and hear about it for the next 6 months if Helen Mirren wins anything.

  6. Damn. Those are the most spot-on predictions I’ve read yet.

  7. Brilliant!

    And I predict long, meandering speeches thanking everyone from the director to the janitor. Snore…

  8. I’ll be watching. I have to. And in a few years, when I’m up there accepting the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, y’all dang well better be watching intently and telling me afterward how gripping and moving my acceptance speech was.

    I mean it.

    Oh, added you to my blogroll, dood.

  9. i like paula’s prediction.

    (tv is for mindless morons, cut the cord!)

  10. and scorcese will finally win and that’ll be stupid and insulting cause he should have won so so so long ago with Taxi Driver.

  11. Never watch it, I don’t get an award for going to work so neither should they…

  12. so, if none of us are watching, who is?

  13. “so, if none of us are watching, who is?”


    I actually forgot that it was on, that’s how much I wanted to see it. Unfortuanately, I also forgot the Simpsons was on until it was over.

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