A dangerous species, indeed.


I find this very disturbing. 

It was similar news that prompted me to write this awhile back. Even though the links I used there are mostly dead, it still makes my point clear, and the question was never addressed fully. So it still bugs me.

Thoughts, anyone?

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  1. We’ve had problems with that here in Denver. Over a year’s span, I think we had three or four fatal beatings of homeless. It’s sickening.

  2. Absolutely disgusting and not so far off from Stanley Kubricks visions. These ‘sport’ fuckheads must be on drugs. How else do you get such a sick nerve without being a bonified psycho. I don’t believe that there are this many psychos. Some of it is bred with culture and drugs.

  3. Personally, I HATEHATEHATE when people blame their stupidity and cruelty on drugs. These kids smoked pot. Millions of people do that every day without whacking the homeless. Blame the kids. The fact that they smoked some pot is NOT an excuse or a reason for their behavior, just a handy scapegoat.

  4. Beating on the weaker has always existed, in one form or another, but didn’t used to make the news as it does now. Of course it’s sick and horrible. Probably more of these assholes get drunk than high before finding victims, but either way, blame the attacker, I agree.

  5. The most disturbing thing is that this is the first I’ve read about the resurrgence in this particular hate crime. Who can fit it in what with all the celebrity gossip?

    I agree 100% w/ you Joe. My initial reaction to the one story was “Oh we’re blaming pot now.” This isn’t a drug issue. This is a hate crime. That they were on drugs, I believe, is incidental. Anyone who’s ever been around anyone who’s smoked pot knows that violence is not a likely reaction (of alcohol, maybe but that’s a legal drug so we can’t point to that). Unfortunately this would have happened whether these clowns were drunk or sober but the drug excuse is too convenient not to use. We can’t talk about education, society, responsibility, etc. but we can blame weed 😉

    Let’s also blame Anthony Burgess while we’re at it 😉

  6. I’m with Paula, this has been going on since the dawn of humanity, it’s sick, and I hope that it goes away asap, although I’m not holding my breath.

  7. Pot smokers are generally the least violent people. (I just know, okay?) So no blaming the world’s ills on the bud. I personally think the world would be a much more serene place if everyone had a smoke now and then.

    Looking for a reason for violence against the weaker members of society is like beating your head against a brick wall. All you’ll get is a headache. There is no reason, save for anger turned inward and a lack of empathy born of modern “you’re #1 no matter what!” style parenting.

  8. God, why would these kids do that? It doesn’t scare me as much as disgust me…

  9. What’s really sick about the new twist on it is that the kids are videotaping or photographing it to put on the net to impress each other. It’s just disgusting.

  10. I also thought of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ when i read this. It is just plain sickening.

  11. The video slide show at CNN was very moving.

  12. I think you missed the part where I said CULTURE. It’s a combination of both. I’d like to meet the pencil pushing abstaining adolescents who commit these crimes. I’m sure they’re few and far between from the drug addicts and drinkers. And I speak as someone who’s done the drugs and the drinking. Am I one to beat people up? NO. But I certainly made other poor decisions I wouldn’t have made if I weren’t drunk or high because I wouldn’t have been in that place, either literally physically or mentally. Personally I hate when people don’t consider the whole picture. Unfortunately it often INCLUDES illicit behaviours as well as peer pressure.

  13. This is the sort of disgusting, disturbing stuff that leads me to believe society is going to hell in a handbasket.

  14. In Denver, the culprits were… homeless kids. We call them HBCs — homeless by choice. Teenagers who hang out on the 16th Street Mall (outdoor walking mall) all day asking for spare change so they can buy X or meth. The vast majority of these kids are from relatively well-to-do families who live in the Denver suburbs. Something’s broken…

  15. sick. and so are the violent video games. they’re just not necessary and I don’t think they should be allowed to sell them.

  16. One thing I’m hyper-aware of is the escalating amount if violence on TV commercials, particularly promos for movies, video games and TV shows. Used to be the violence was isolated to the actual programs, so if you didn’t want your kids to see it you’d just not let them watch the show. Now you can be watching Wheel of Fortune and a promo for “CSI: Miami” comes on with corpses and beatings and shootings and all kinds of violence. I don’t believe that violent music in and of itself begets violent behavior, nor do I believe that violent imagery in and of itself begets violent behavior. But I do believe there’s a collective effect that has severely desinsitized people to violence, even glorified it. When all forms of pop culture are bombarding kids with violence, it does beget violent behavior.

  17. Great point, Jeff – and I’d add that this is even in trailers before the start of a child’s (rated G) movie. I’ve been disgusted many times when I had to cover my daughter’s eyes during a blood and guts trailer while we waited for HER movie to start.

    Raising kids in this culture and trying to shield them from violence-as-entertainment is getting more and more difficult. You do your best, and then they go to school with kids who were plopped in front of Reservoir Dogs as toddlers…and who do you think gets the upper hand in a schoolyard skirmish, the one who uses words to diffuse situations, or the one who uses fists?

    I maintain that most of it goes back to the parenting.

  18. The kids felt “a sudden primal surge”. Haven’t we all? When you’re stupid and high and fifteen, it’s not such a stretch to seek the thrill and start something on one sick guy’s provocation. I can imagine it, in other words. But it isn’t new, it’s just shocking because we like to think everyone gets a chance at having a decent enough upbringing. Not so. And in some countries, this wouldn’t be considered abnormal, e.g. if you’re a Jewish kid who gets caught on the wrong side of the big fence.

  19. What about a gay kid that gets caught at that fence……. that, like the Jewish kid, isn’t just “some countries”….. it’s US, too.

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