Seperated at birth?

br-77355.jpg    Republican love towel Ann Coulter, and..

dukat1.gif Star Trek’s Gol Dukat???

I especially see the resemblance in the neck………………………………………….



  1. LOL! Ms. Coulter isn’t aging well. *mrow*

  2. They look like twins!

  3. All those vein-y things sticking out…eeeeww!

  4. You know, it’s very easy (and apparently very trendy) to now jump on the Bashing Coulter bandwagon.

    Sure, there are reasons, but one thing you’re fogetting is the depth of courage Coulter displays every day. I mean, it can’t be easy being a Republican Nazi while also being a post-op transexual.

    Ook ook

  5. LOL, I could see a guy like Donald Rumsfeld finding her hot. He could ignore the neckline thingies, you know?

  6. Makes you wonder what kind of stuff Bill O’Reilly says to her when they talk on the phone, eh, Looney?

  7. That is THE BEST!

  8. …what kind of stuff Bill O’Reilly says to her…

    Holy crap, man, I pissed myself. Too funny…

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