Thursday Thirteen movie quiz.

Several months ago, O’Tim had a movie quiz that made me look just pathetic. Being a good American, I didn’t take revenge on him. I took revenge on everybody. Hey, it’s our way.

Well, it’s happened again, not just once but three times. This time, Phoenix is the culprit. She’s had some pretty darn tough quizzes lately, and to add to my frustration I was too late to answer the ones I DID know.

Now I have to get you all.

These are things I knew off the top of my head, without Googling or watching the films. Good luck! You’ll need it…BWAH HA HA HA HA!

1. What was Norman Bates’ hobby? (Taxidermy – Eden)

2. What was Rooster Cogburn’s travelin’ food? (Corn dodgers – Jenna)

3. In what city was HAL activated? (Urbana, Il. – Looney)

4. What was Captain Blood’s former profession?

5. What branch of the military did Mr. Limpet help? (The Navy – Jenna)

6. What song did Josey Wales ask his friends to play?

7. What was Oscar Madison’s profession? (Sports writer – Eden)

8. Who sent a message to Gort? (Klaatu – Looney)

9. Who’s arrival was Will Kane preparing for?

10. What happened to Jacque Clouseau’s wife?

11. What did Elwood Dowd offer to everyone he met? (His card – ravaj)

12. What did Irma LaDouce do for a living? (Prostitute – ravaj)

13. Why did Chili Palmer slug Ray Barbone? (Ray took his coat – Fez Monkey)

Bonus question: Do you think there is something funny about the name “Biggus Dickus?”



  1. I only know #1 is taxidermy (only of birds though b/c he hated the look of beasts when they were stuffed). It came in handy.

  2. Oh and sorry for the double post but I misread #7. He was a sportswriter, I think.

  3. Oh fer pete’s sake. Oscar was a sportswriter or something. Didn’t Bates like to blog – or am I confusing him with someone else? Har!

  4. 2. Corn dodgers.
    5. Navy.

    Um… That’s all I’ve got.

  5. I don’t ken ony of them… oh god should I be admitting this? Eejit!! Me that is. ken= know, ony=any Scottish speak.

  6. and i thought i was a movie buff … v. embarrassed!
    7. oscar was a sports reporter
    8. michael anderson told patricia neal to say sth like klaat barada nikto
    9. will kane was waiting for lee van cleef’s boss to arrive at 12 pm
    11. his card
    12. irma was a prozzie
    i really should know more
    happy tt

  7. 1. Sewing?
    3. Hah! Urbana!
    5. The Navy?
    7. Wasn’t he a sportswriter?
    8. Klaatu
    13. Mad I can’t remember this well enough…

    Best I can do. the only ones I *know* are #3 and… well, #3

  8. It’s Bigguth Dickuth.

  9. 1) Taxidermy (yeah, I’m not first but I know this one)
    5) Navy (see above note)
    7) Sports writer for the newspaper (see above above note)
    12) She was a whore (triple ditto)
    13) For taking his leather jacket (and for the pure joy of socking Ray Bones)
    14) I have a vewy gweat fwiend in Wome called Biggus Dickus …

    Ook ook

    PS: What? Nothing along the lines of “I was talking about my rug”

  10. I never noticed before that Jeff types with a lisp…….

    Anyway, let’s give a big welcome to ravaj!

  11. Bonus: He hathz a wife, you know.

    OOK OOK! Big Lebowski! Big Lebowski!

  12. Oohh, I know #9 from one of my favorite flicks, HIgh Noon!

    He (Gary Cooper) was waitin’ for Frank Miller.

  13. ..and Biggus Dickus STILL cracks me up. Long live the Pythons.

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