An explanation.

A few of you have voiced a small amount of chagrin about the censorship that occurred here this week, so I thought I’d explain.

Most of you know that I won’t easily back away from a fight. In fact. I can be somewhat like a gila monster when I know I’m right. Those are always adult arguments, however, where there is an actual topic. That wasn’t the case here.

This person of many names evidently noticed that people were finding his site via mine, and saw the American Asshole posting. He/she/heshe/it took umbrage, I’m gathering. Using different names, he came out of the gate with insults, but no thesis. As many of you saw, I tried to engage him in a discussion of what he didn’t like, but that was useless. He wasn’t here to complain or argue, he was here to simply harrass. It’s an age-old trick going back to the old bbs scene – fill a thread with so many nonsense posts that no one wants to read it.

It started to bug me about the time that I noticed that my e-mail box was filled with notifications of this guy’s nonsense. That’s never happened before. I turned off notification. I tried to take the advice of those who said to ignore him, but that simply gave him a clear field. Remember, his goal was not to engage us, but to choke us out like a weed. Immature? You bet, but did you look at his site? This tactic makes absolute sense for someone who posts that any attempt at establishing a dialog with Iran is time wasted. Evidently, it only makes sense to trust the liars once again, spread our military even thinner, and start bombing more civilians who don’t like their President any more than intelligent Americans like ours. This makes perfect sense for someone who has so little love for America that he will actively hate any fellow American that disagrees with the logic that has been spoon-fed to him by O’Rielly, Rush, and other chicken-hawk cowards of that ilk. You know, morons.

When I started ignoring him, as I said, it gave him a clear field. The posts started stacking up, and stacking up fast. That’s when I caught on to his real goal. I knew then that I had to deny him an audience, and the best way to take his attention getting power away was to remove the pulpit. When I started deleting comments, he was replacing them just as fast. I’d delete five, refresh, and there were five more. I’d delete those, refresh, and there were more waiting. I then found a feature to this site I hadn’r seen before.

I found that I was able to set the comment spam filter to screen out anything I wanted. Starting with his screen name, and moving on to include all the screen names and e-mail addresses, I forced him to start working at it. He had to come up with some new addresses and names really fast. Of course, I’d add those to the filter as well as soon as I saw them. This is why some of your posts didn’t appear, because you were referring to him by name and your comments would get marked as spam (I’ve allowed those comments to post, BTW) I left just a couple of his posts up so that people would know what an dick I was dealing with, but I would not allow him to flourish.

You should have seen the comments he wrote while he figured it out. Stuff like “Where did my comment go?” and “What’s going on here?” He tried to get my goat (heh heh) by calling me a commie who hates free speech . I almost expected him to start posting the lyrics to “Daisy” toward the end.

So you see, I really didn’t deny you guys a kerfuffle. This guy wasn’t like Miss Ann Thrope at all. MAT was arguing a point, and many of you didn’t like the point or the way she argued it. Fair enough. This creep wasn’t trying to argue anything. His style was the blog equivalent to standing in the middle of a discussion and making so much noise that no one in the discussion could hear anyone else. The only way to get rid of someone like that is to take their big spoon and saucepan away, then apply duct tape to the mouth, and maybe nose as well.

But don’t worry. American Asshole isn’t going anywhere, and I’m sure to offend someone else. Maybe that person will be intelligent and mature enough to address the actual issue, and we’ll have the mother of all kerfuffles.

We can hope, right?



  1. Awww, we still love you! 😉

    You were MORE than fair, and gave him several opportunities to enlighten us with actual ideas/thoughts/facts/opinions to discuss. (I did, too, and got the equivalent of a raspberry and thumbed nose. C’mon, my first-grader can do better than that!)

    You did the right thing. When they start spamming like that, it’s to make up for the lack of substance in their argument. So – I like the way Paula put it in another thread – sometimes you gotta wash the bugs off the windshield and keep drivin’.

    Now: Totally Ann Coulter for American AOTM April ’07! Although Newt Gingrich, Mr. Hypocrisy, is coming up in the rearview mirror…

  2. Dude, I would have done the same thing. It’s one thing to get into a back-and-forth with someone. It’s another to have them bombard your site. The intention wasn’t to debate, respectfully or otherwise, it was just to annoy. So fuck that. Time for the child to go home.

  3. Totally agree on your troll. MAT though… maybe you are mixing her up with Virginia, who actually had a point. MAT’s goal was to hurt my feelings or some such shit to “punish” me for allowing my commenters to hurt Virginia’s feelings. It was one of the lamest things I’ve ever seen, though terribly fun and WHY THE HELL CAN’T I GENERATE ANOTHER ONE???

  4. You’re right, Paula, I was confusing the two. I was thinking about Virginia. Still, there was a difference between MAT and my leech, if only that MAT wasn’t nearly as prolific.

  5. Do you realize that by deleting all those “comments” you blew your chance to break Paula’s kerfuffle record?

    Ha! We’ll be killed by a comet before THAT happens!

  6. Oh great, now we’ll be on a kerfuffle-hunt from now until kingdom come. Kick the asshole contest up a notch, man!

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