What more can be said?

Some ideas are just bad from the get-go.

I noticed that these people were drunk, but just like in the earlier post about killing the homeless, I don’t blame the substance. That’s a cop-out. I’ve been stinking, filthy drunk more than once and nerver considered anything like this to be worth trying. I never thought about jumping into the ocean and wrestling a shark, either. Let’s face it, stupidity exists- and flourishes- indepentent of drugs and alcohol.



  1. Have you ever seen the documentary called STUPIDITY? It’s really good.
    btw- can you really say the same if the substance is lsd, crack, meth etc…I mean, substance abuse affects everybody differently and certainly the harded the substance and the abuse of it the worse someone’s judgement may be impaired. I’m not advocating people not be held responsible for their actions because that would include taking the substance in the first place. But I certainly believe it can adversely affect one’s judgement. People just aren’t reasonable and rational when they are impaired and that can lead them to do things they normally wouldn’t do. It takes all kinds and some people are just plain bad and would do things irregardless. Others. Well. They’re destroyed by the shit. Drug and alcohol abuse ruins lives.

  2. WEll, I’ve never done meth or crack, but as far as LSD goes….. well, I DID see the Grateful Dead 60 times. Still, I never thought about taking either “Great Balls of Fire” or “The Fire Down Below” literally. They’re just songs.

    As for your contention that drugs and alcohol ruin lives, I think you have it backwards. It should be “Many people ruin their own lives with drugs and alcohol.” You see, amny people use alcohol and drugs without ruining their lives, so we can’t just say that the substances do the ruining by themselves. Many other people ruin their lives without drugs and alcohol. They commit crimes, they get lazy, they have kids while they’re still in high school. Some join fucked-up religions in Utah or whatnot. There are thousands of ways to ruin your life, with drugs and alcohol merely being options.

  3. ITA. Seems like everyone who gets caught doing a stupid thing nowadays claims to be some kind of addict, as if that excuses anything!

  4. The link led me to a series of stupid-people tricks. Oh, those are quite tasty and they make me feel like a rocket scientist! I would not call the cops to report MY missing pot, nosireee.

  5. Agreed. Drugs and alcohol do not ruin lives that were not already ripe for it or at the top of a downward spiral. Didn’t someone use the sugar rush from a Twinkie and a Coke as a murder defense years ago? Do we now say that Twinkies and Cokes have the potential to ruin lives? No. People ruin their own lives; the method by which they choose to do so is not at fault. That’s like blaming guns for suicide or penises for rape. IMO, as always.

    Also: People are stupid. That’s my motto. 🙂

  6. Maybe I’m not being clear. Substances aid in the bad choices people make. The first bad choice being to take the substance in the first place. Again, I would never say that people aren’t responsible for their actions, I just believe actions would be different if people didn’t abuse the drugs and alcohol first. People are affected when they are high. Saying drugs and alcohol aren’t part of the blame equation for ruined lives is like saying that the twinkie and the coke are part of the blame equation for being fat and unhealthy. That’s the problem with blame. It doesn’t lay down in one spot for too long.

  7. ….coke aren’t part…

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