WTF is WRONG with people?

Not much to say here, except this: If I were the first one to find the son of a bitch that did this, the advice in my murder poll’s comments would come very much in handy.



  1. I’m glad she got a dog right away. She could be scarred for life but, maybe not.

    I’m sure they’ll find the culprit. The entire neighborhood is probably upset, and looking closely at every slightly weird young male for blocks around.

  2. There are some seriously sick bastards in this world! And wtf were the batteries for? Did the dude put something in poor Chevy’s head that required them?
    Sick twisted people…

  3. Wow. That goes beyond sick.

  4. No words for this.

  5. I just tried to read the first paragraph to my coworkers and had to stop. Both my dogs are Aussie mixes.

    And yeah, Joe, you could use my murder advice – fuck their brains out with a rusty sign post.

  6. I feel ill. My now-departed Beau was an Aussie, and when I was 17, I had a beloved dog into the fur of whom I nightly cried my teenaged angst. I have a deep desire to find the monster and shred his tender parts with a rusted cheese grater.

  7. Just plain sick. I really hope they catch the bastards who did it.

  8. There is no punishment severe enough.

  9. This is a case in which a bit of unofficial, impromptu ‘community justice’ wouldn’t go astray… This person is lower than whale shit. And, lest we forget, this is how people like Dahmer started out.

  10. Sick bastard.

  11. For f******e!!!

  12. Just read this on…I think they should let us all have a go at this guy:

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