Asshole of the Month for February: Mark R. Levin



For awhile, it looked like this month’s contest was going to be a tough one. It was almost cut-off time, and we had a four way tie. I was prepared to have a run-off election to determine the winner.

Then, we all got a little help.

It seems that when I linked to the site for the worship of Mark Levin, the right-wing douchebag that understands the concept of peace so little that he nominated fellow right-wing douchebag Rush Limbaugh (also a contestant) for a Nobel Peace Prize, someone there noticed. I assume that it was the administrator of the site, checking his sitemeter. You know how right-wing douchebags like to hover over those things.

Well, it seems that this person, K-2 a.k.a. K2 a.k.a. K 2 a.k.a. BJsCigarroller, didn’t like that. It also seems that this person with many names didn’t have sufficient intelligence or personality for ONE. He made his displeasure known by launching a comment spam campaign against your Troll and Narrator. While I tried to engage him in a discussion, he was only here to harrass. You all know the story, because while it was happening, many of you changed your votes. That happened enough times that I don’t even need to count. Mark Levin obviously won this month’s award.

And deservedly so. Nominating Rush for a Nobel prize is bad enough. So is making your living by polarizing the citizens of a country that you pretend to love. But the fact that he fosters, either directly or indirectly, this level of discourse seals the deal. I personally doubt that he told this pinhead to come and harass me, but he obviously has a following that considers this to be an appropriate reaction. I can’t imagine that someone would have treated me like that for nominating William F. Buckley or George Will.

And of course, dipshit of many names shares this award, and not only for being a jerkoff. If you go to his site (still linked in the March 1 post) you’ll see that he expressly demands that people express their opinions nicely, and without flaming or insults. I guess he feels that that level of respect is reserved for right-wingers. He’s obviously read “How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)”. He probably jerks off to pictures of Ann Coulter’s veiny neck.

Anyway, in recognition of his work, we’ve elected his idol, Mark R. Levin, February’s Asshole of the Month. He’ll be back in January to run for Asshole of the Year.

I wonder if K-2 will be stumping for him then, too.



  1. WOOHOO! Is it too early to raise my glass in a toast to Mr. Levin and his nightcrawlers?

    • It couldn’t have been awarded to a better subject– i first “discovered” this levin guy on the radio several months agao — at first i thought it had to be some kind of dumb joke or gag being done by a DJ — no one could have such a crazy, old asshole –old man –vocie and be the real deal. But i soo nleanred that this gyt was seriously — and way out of his crazy head.

  2. Nah… it’s 5:00 somewhere.

  3. I must admit that I hadn’t heard of this paralysed streak of piss before… but from reading your post, I’d say that you’ve done it again, Joe! Yet another prized asshole and worthy winner! I just love how these right-wing idiots support total freedom of speech… for all other right-wing idiots!

    • Freedo of speech is reserved only for ring-wing blowhards — They say yhey speak for the “real” Amercians — who wotk 4 hour days (37 minute hours) 4 days a week on the radio –I woinder what “great minds: like Levin and Rush Lardbutt would do if they had to really work fora living @ actually jobs — that don’t give them “commerical breaks’ and A?c oficea and limo rides.

  4. Yay! It couldn’t have happened to a bigger asshole.

  5. Maybe we should refer to the Dipshit of Many Names as “Hemorrhoid” now, as he clings to the rim of this gaping asshold.

  6. AssholE as well 😉

  7. Good one, Eden!

  8. Even though I voted for another, it’s hard to argue this choice! High honors to his assholiness, Mark Levin!

  9. Clearly, this is not a website that favors those who can frame an intelligent argument, let alone support said argument. Have you read this man’s books, such as “Rescuing Sprite”, or “Men in Black”? You might learn something from this great intellect, instead of wallowing in second grade level name calling. Try thought and reason for a change.

    • Are the two Ls in Cllark for emphasis or are you too stupid to spell your own name. Levin is a self-pretentious dweeb who takes a week off to mourn the loss of his soft drink, er, dog! I’m an animal lover to the nth degree but only Levin could pull that one off with such drama. Maybe we’ll get lucky and hel’ll lose a family member so he can retire! Yes, I am that mean; and I’m a liberal!!

  10. Cllark: Do you not listen to Levin? His whole show is based on name calling. He attacks his opponents more for their physical features than he ever does their viewpoint. And yes, I read the 95% block quoted, large font men in black…intellect? Are you kidding me?

  11. brainless scumbag marxist useful idiot sons of whores and sluts pimps and pushers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    did you retarded propogandist brainwashing our children and other ignorant citizens of this great country that you hate,ever tell anyone that “yasur arafat “won the noble peace prize you scumsucking sons of pigs!!!!

    • Take a chill pill “X”. Is that your muslim surname? Oh, by the way, it’s Yasser, not Yasur. Rush deserves a Nobel like Elvis deserved to be a federal drug agent (a la another great right wing peacemaker, Tricky Dick) or like William S. Burroughs needed another Oxycontin; strike that, Rush had hoarded all the Oxy.

  12. Intelligent argument? Nothing intelligent about his so-called arguments and points he tries to make while wasting air-time. Yeah Levin the DOUCHEBAG of the decade is more like it. He calls American citzens NON-American if they stand up for their RIGHTS. Was scanning thru channels 1 night when this dipshit was trying to force the flag and the Allegiance down his “listeners’ ” throats. That is not enough. Want to be truly patriotic? It’s called keep the gov. in CHECK & BALANCES, and make sure our rights are not taken away, and if the gov. is screwing up, it’s OUR DUTY to make sure those who are to blame be held accountable! He’s just mad because Obama made it. Levin can go to hell. His annoying tinny voice should be taken OFF THE AIR. You Levin followers are BRAIN-DEAD ZOMBIES in denial who got us all into this shit hole in the 1st place.

    • Levin is a thrid string no one –no talent — whing becuase other hacks are doing better than him @ this same BS game.

  13. I was upset when my local station replaced Michael Savage with Levin. It was entertaining to listen to the asshole Savage go on rants that I was sure would culminate in his pinhead exploding. This Levin guy is booooring. But, I thought his voice was familiar and I think I know where I’ve heard it before……..the voice of Mr. Obvious from the Bob & Tom show. Levin sounds like a neutered like pipsqueak compared to the ultra obnoxious Savage. Of course they are both card carrying assholes…..

  14. Woops, I meant to say “neutered little pipsqueak”.

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