My picks


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  1. Looks good. I picked the longshot French Connection cuz Koz said once he was nuts for Hackman. Probably wrong though. 🙂

  2. I went with the gut. Hell, I can’t think of any movie with more famous catchlines, so this one is tops for “cultual impact”, IMO.

  3. You know, a noble spirit embiggens the smallest man. I see you have very cromulent taste in quotes.

    Ook ook

  4. I was wondering if anyone would get that……

  5. Nice picks 🙂 It is hard to go wrong w/ the available choices.

    Embiggen. Heh.

  6. I love that you used the word “Embiggen” to enlarge the picture.

  7. You mean “enlargen” the picture, Nat.

  8. Holy fuck. I think I had one 2 many guiness last night. I got a little dizzy after the embiggening.

  9. Awesome idea. May I steal?

    Followed you here from SuperSnark. Nice space you have here.

  10. Welcome, Fringes, and thank you!

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