Mo’ kitties.

img_0886.JPG img_0890.JPG img_0898.JPG img_0899.JPG

img_0910.JPG img_0911.JPG img_0920.JPG img_0926.JPG 

These are more of the pics my friend Amy took a couple weeks ago. The last one shows Billie and Angus sharing their favorite treat- a dog biscuit! Miles’ fave is popcorn.

Now, the question is, why does WordPress allow you to put 4 pictures side-by-side while writing when they won’t post that way? How helpful.



  1. What a couple of cuties! I love their eyes 🙂

  2. That “Who, me?” expression on Miles’ face is priceless. Great shots!

  3. Hello fur friends! My kitty loves the tuna and strawberry yogurt.

  4. My cat assassin is required here me-thinks ;0)

  5. I dated a guy once who had ears like that.

  6. You dated Ross Perot?

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