Eunich jelly, thou.


Let’s have a moment of silence for Miles’ manhood, lost today at the vet’s. It barely got out of the box that it came in, and never got a chance to come in another one.



  1. OK, I’ll say it, because Miles will never say it, mainly because he’ll never know what he’s lost… (and also because he’s a cat, and therefore can’t talk)…

    “Damn you! Damn you to hell!”

  2. I think he said that with his eyes when I dropped him off this morning…….

  3. Surely “this was the unkindest cut of all”

    Anyone … anyone … ?

    Ook ook

  4. Cats can’t talk?

  5. Hey, now he can behave like a good, neutered husband! 😉

  6. So you gave them Miles, and they took an inch!

    (more or less)

  7. “This was the most unkindest cut of all;
    For when the noble Caesar saw him stab”

    Julius Caesar

    The sad day will come when I cut off Elliott’s balls with a kitchen knife. I don’t trust the vet. I’m hillbilly that way.

  8. Fringe- we were commenting at each other’s blogs simultaneously!

  9. awww, poor baby! It’s good for him though. neutered kitties live longer. 🙂

  10. Fringes, thank you.

    I love it when a classic quote is appropriate. Even more so when someone gets it.

    Ook ook

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