Okay, NOW, I’m starting to get pissed.

Ok, as I’m sure most of you have gathered, I’m pretty serious about pet health. That’s why my dog is 16 years old. That’s why Sybyl made it to 16 as well. So when news of the food recall came out, I paid attention.

Now, Angus gets one kind of food. Since he has a sensitive stomach, I keep him on one food until that particular brand ceases to be available for some reason. The kittens, however, have been getting a variety of brands and flavors. There is usually little variety available in kitten formulas, so I’m experimenting for awhile to see what they’re going to like best. After all, the best nutrition in the world won’t do them any good if they don’t like it enough to actually EAT it, right?

When the news first came out, they were only talking about store labels. Since I don’t get them store label food, I thought “No problem”.  Then they started including IAMS.

Since I had a few cans of IAMS in the pile, I took them out. The numbers didn’t match, but better safe than sorry. I kept feeding them the rest of the food, though.

Now I see another news report that mentions Nutro. Well, guess what Billie and Miles have eaten several times this week, including last night? Yep. And guess what might have been in it. Rat poison.

Maybe they didn’t KNOW that stuff was tainted at first, but they DO know what foods this company makes, so why the fuck aren’t they telling us up front? How many pets have to die because the press and the company alike are dragging their feet with the info? Of course, we don’t want to hurt sales, do we? Exactly what kind of Americans would have the gall to think that they or their pets are as important as the wellbeing of some giant fucking company that doesn’t make sure their ingredients aren’t tainted BEFORE making the food?

Anyway, here are lists of the name brands to look out for. They are FAR FAR longer than any report up until now has suggested.

Cat food.

Dog food.

Numbers you can call for information are (866) 463-6738 and (866) 895-2708.

Meanwhile, I’ll be looking into going the homemade food route. It may be more expensive and less convenient, but this is sheer bullshit. Mistakes happen, yes, but when pets are dying, give us the full scoop, for crying out loud.

And if any of my kids get sick, the class action suit starts here.

Update: This woman heard about the recall, and spent $1000.00 dollars at Wal-Mart to keep that food away from pets. Good woman.

The question is, why was the food STILL on the shelf AFTER the news was out?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: FUCK WAL-MART. If you care about America, Americans, or just plain common decency, you cannot shop there. Period.



  1. That’s just awful. I hope hope hope Miles and Billie didn’t get any of that shit. Fuckheaded company doesn’t deserve ANY of our business now. I’m thinking not even to buy the Eukanaba salmon crunchies I always do – except that Cocoa and Tiki love them and have been doing so well with the mix I’ve come up with. Rat poison? WTF? How could that get in so many different things without anyone knowing?

  2. See … this is perhaps the main reason (and now great justification) why I tend to make my dogs’ food myself. From scratch. All it takes is some frozen green beans, some really cheap stew beef, rice, carrots, and other stuff. Just a basic stew/soup. $10 makes enough grub to last both of them more than a week.

    At first I told people it was to save money (which it does), because they like it better (which they do), and because it is just better for them (which it is). Now I can also add that I do this because I don’t want to kill them.

    I hope your kittens are okay.

    Ook ook

  3. I am mired in this right now, as Iams and Eukanuba are two of my clients. Here’s what I can tell you:

    The problem is with Cuts & Gravy-style pet foods in cans and pouches.

    No dry food, for cats or dogs, has been affected.

    The links you gave for the recalled brands, Joe, are the best and most up-to-date links you’ll find because they’re coming from Menu Foods, the actual manufacturer of the foods in question and the source of the problem.

    All those companies pay Menu Foods to make their Cuts & Gravy-style food. That doesn’t mean they’re all the same, as each company has its own recipe, but those companies are not making that actual food (I don’t know about other brands, but Iams & Euk make their own dry food and contract out the wet).

    Even as of today, Wal-Mart still has the bad food on their shelves in spite of being told by the brands that it is bad and should be removed immediately. Apparently if you take a can of the bad food to the register, it doesn’t let you purchase it, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why W-M won’t take the stuff off their shelves.

    I really, really hope your and everyone’s pets are okay, Joe.

  4. They wer okay this morning, but seeing that Nutro pop up suddenly really pissed me off. It is the slices in the pouch! Hopefully, it will be the wrong batch. Fuckers.

  5. I just saw on the news that the rat poison was on the wheat they used to manufacture the food. So now I wonder what else is fatal.

    Crossing my fingers that nothing happens to your pets. Ours are family, too.

    And yes, indeed: FUCK WAL-MART. I hate Wal-Mart and refuse to shop there, ever. This just gives me one more reason why.

  6. Both of my childhood kitties lived for 19 years. I don’t buy my food from wal-mart. I often get it from the vet. I also have a great book on pet health. I’ll go look it out and get back to you.

  7. I agree with the “Fuck Wal-Mart” cry, but not so much with the railing against Menu Foods. Do you think they want to totally kill their business by misinforming people and disregarding pet health? I don’t think so. I think they were scrambling to try to figure out what caused the illnesses, how it happened, and which foods were affected. As can happend in such circumstances, there is lots of misinformation, guessing, and theorizing by just about everyone from pet owners, the press, and some experts. The company probably put their people right on it, but due to the number of suppliers and ingredients, each one had to be contacted and tested. Quite a daunting task (but not impossible.)

    I heard some woman on TV this morning (she’d lost her cat) blaming the company for not coming out with this sooner. Does she really think the company wanted to be associated with this tragedy? What did they gain by supposedly waiting? Wouldn’t it be in their best interest to find the problem and resolve it as soon as possible? The opportunists will be out there, seeking their 15 minutes and lots of dough. I’m sure we’re already seeing some of them on TV!

    And the woman who spent $1000 to buy the food? Nice effort, but I wish she’d have given that to a local food bank to help hungry human beings. Wal-Mart needs to be called out on this.

  8. That said…I know I’m going to get flamed…

    And I hope your pets are all fine, Joe.

  9. Paula…the rat poison…from what I heard ..perhaps got mixed into the gluten by accident in China. What? We need to import wheat gluten? Are we not the bread basket anymore?

    I knew NAFTA was a bad, bad idea.

  10. Yeah, I just heard that too, Nat. Makes you wonder when it’s going to happen with people-food. Wheat gluten – isn’t that like in ten gajillion products? As far as the companies, I do believe they will wait as long as they can before announcing a problem and pulling a product because all they care about is money.

  11. I have been getting our dog food from COSTCO. Their Kirkland brand is better than Euk. and Sci. Diet. I also avoid Wal-Mart. This is really inexcusable.

  12. Disgusting stuff. A significant boycott should follow (some hope of that though) 😦

    And yes, I hope your cats are fine, Joe.

  13. Thanks for the well wishes, folks. They are fine to all appearances right now, but these kidney things can take a long time to develop, too. If either of them develop diabetes in the next year, I’ll know something is up. I’ve been down this road with Avatar before.

    No flaming, Nat. The post was written in an emotional heat. I wan’t blaming the company as much as the media, especially the TV news. They truncate every fucking story to the point where all they do is read headlines. They knew what foods this company made…. that couldn’t be difficult information for a news agency to get… so why are they only telling me 3 foods out of 50? Fuckers.

    I’m going to start researching the do-it-yourself food. I’ll worry a lot less that way.

    Oh, and SS, my distaste for Wal-Mart goes WAY back. It’s been at least 15 years since I spent money in one of those places.

  14. My pets only get dry food, but this still burns me up. I can just imagine all those poor cat owners who’ll have to deal with FUS down the road, and will forever wonder if it’s related to tainted food.

  15. Thanks for the info I knew nothing about this. I’ll need to see if it effects us over this side of the pond.

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