WTF is WRONG with people?: UPDATE

Thanks and kudos to JamieK from Out of Me Head.

It seems that a suspect has been arrested.

Of course, he’s just a suspect, so his guilt has to be established. Let’s wish him a speedy, fair trial, and if his guilt is established, let’s wish him a speedy, fair beheading, with his head then put in a box and deposited on his mother’s doorstep.

Just kidding! I do hope there is more than just a slap on the wrist for this guy, if he is guilty, though. If he did this, he absolutely deserves to suffer.

I like the bit about him having a romantic attraction to the girl. How sweet! This could be why I’m still single. I never tried the “decapitating her dog” approach. Does this work, ladies? I’m just wondering, because, y’know, my hot young neighbor just broke up with her boyfriend, and she has a dog, n’ all. However, she loves the mutt, since he’s so lovable, and might just hold it against me.

Just who the hell raises these fucking whackadoos??????



  1. “How sweet! This could be why I’m still single. I never tried the “decapitating her dog” approach. Does this work, ladies?”

    Well, it’s a funny old world. Ted Bundy (before he got fried) and Charles Manson both attracted plenty of besotted penpals who wanted to marry them, after all. (Maybe it’s only killing people that gets this result though…)

  2. Joe –

    The lopping off the head and presenting it with a bow thing is a culturally specific form of courting. You may need to try to sever the genitals and display them in a bouquet of flowers for your neighbor.

    If that doesn’t work, there’s the kidney, lung, and pancreas platter.

    Ook ook

  3. I’m also on the WTF train on the romantic angle. Hullo? At least he included candy, so there’s that…

  4. So glad the freak is arrrrrrested, though. I hope they lean on the fucker hard.

  5. What kind of candy?

  6. I think I’d go with chocolates, but that’s just me.

  7. If the person’s guilty, he should be forced to eat Menu Foods latest offering, with extra wheat gluten!

  8. Well, a good way to determine if he’s guilty or not is to find out if ‘wayne’ occurs anywhere in his name. Isn’t that the rule? And he had to have been a Boy Scout. I’m sure he has a profile on we can check.

  9. That is disgusting. I’m sure her head was next.

  10. Oh. My. God. What else is there to say?

    “Just who the hell raises these fucking whackadoos??????”

    I’ve got neighbors with kids I worry about…but then I get called the overprotective, overinvested parent. Um, no. Just actual parenting, is all.

  11. “he may be charged with animal cruelty”???

    WTF? May? he sure as hell BETTER get charged with it!!!

  12. He needs to be smacked down hard.

  13. FYI, it’s Jodie, not Jamie.

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