Saturday morning “prime time”.

In my last post, I mentioned that several TV shows of the 60’s and 70’s had been turned into Saturday morning cartoons, to the surprise of at least one person. Here’s the scoop on some of those shows.

gilligan.jpgThe most successful of the four was probably Gilligan’s Island, which led to another cartoon called Gilligan’s Planet. It was probably the most successful because, let’s face it……… except for Ginger and Maryanne, there wasn’t much in the original show for adults in the first place.  It was pretty damn goofy and sophomoric from the start, so the cartoon really didn’t have to change anything. It had the voices of the original cast members, with the excepton of the aforementioned girls.

trekanimated.jpg The animated Star Trek was done largely by the same folks who did the original series, and had most of the voices, too. Although the stories were coming from the same writers, they were only half an hour, and so didn’t come off as well. I think it lasted two seasons, though, which isn’t bad for Saturday morning fare, and it even copped an Emmy!

bradykids-2.jpg This is The Brady Kids, the first of entirely too damn many Brady Bunch spin-offs. Any similarity between them and The Archies is entirely coincidental, I’m sure. Larry Storch of “F Troop” fame contributed his voice to this one.

jeannie.jpg Last but not least, Jeannie. I had to watch this, being the IDOJ fan that I was, but that didn’t last long because it was lame. In the cartoon, she didn’t blink, but did her magic with her ponytail. She also wasn’t with Major Nelson anymore, but some teenager with the goofy name Corey Anders ( get it?). Although she wasn’t with an astronaut anymore, Corey was voiced by none other than a young Mark Hamill, which is close enough for government work.

I don’t know why I remembered these shows. None of them could hold a candle to Hong Kong Phooey.




  1. A REDHEADED JEANNIE??? I don’t think so. The main part of her charm was that whole dumb blonde ditziness thing. Redheads are smart and sassy. No wonder I never heard of this! Coriander? The spice? I don’t get it.

  2. It’s used in Middle Eastern food a lot, according to one of the web pages I saw.

  3. Hong Kong Phooey! Takin’ me back, you are… Although he wasn’t my favorite in the Laff Olympics – that would be Captain Caveman. I like the way he practically combusted when he yelled his name.

    PS: It’s me, the old SS…new name!

  4. I particularly like how the Star Trek toon featured a buffed-out Scotty and McCoy, and how they gave Scotty back the missing finger from his right hand.

    In other Saturday Morning nostalgia, while not animated, I’d never miss either the Banana Splits or Lidsville.

    Oh, and the Tom Slick / Super Chicken / George of the Jungle toon was the best. Even if it wasn’t a Saturday morning thing.

    Ook ook

  5. Man, I do not remember ANY of those shows! (and I watched a hell of a lot of tv in my day!) ANd Hong Kong Phooey was awesome, indeed. I was more of a George Of The Jungle and Quickdraw McGraw kind of gal, though.

  6. We only had hong kong phooey over here. Super guy!

  7. Hong Kong Phooey was fantastic. I also have weirdly affectionate memories of Beanie & Cecil, Wacky Racers, Roger Ramjet, Lucky Luke, Jamie & the Magic Torch, Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids and (an English one) ‘Danger Mouse’….

  8. Now I have the Hong Kong Phooey theme song running through my head.

  9. Hong Kong Phooey. Wow…thanks for throwing me way back. Awesome.

  10. I must be too young to remember any of these.

    Or else I blocked them out…LOL

    The Brady Kids looks like a ripoff of The Partridge Family though.

  11. Dawn – That still actually looks almost exactly like The Archies. Just take the glasses off Jan, and you’ve got Betty.

    Paula- I thought the main part of her charm was being hot, underdressed, and calling Tony “master”. 🙂

    Fez- Remember “Danger Island”, featuring a very young Jan Michael Vincent?

  12. Fez, gettin’ all trivia master with the missing finger of Scotty – phenomenal(ly nerdy)!

    And Lidsville, Holy FUCK! Definitely one of the more obscure creations from the presumably LSD-fueled minds of Sid & Marty Krofft. Remember the Bugaloos?

  13. I never watched any of these, but I was vaguely aware they existed. I was too OLD for them!

  14. I can still sing the entire Hong Kong Phooey song. He was the number one super guy, you know.

  15. By all reports, he was quicker than the human eye, as well. Other reports say something like “Shomp bu bomp, a whompy whompy womp, something I didn’t understand, and a bow wow wow.” Neither has been confirmed.

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