That funny old middle.

It amuses me how people choose to react sometimes. For instance, my Eternal Nemesis and another fellow who hangs around these parts both tend to react to me as if I’m a card-carrying Democrat, willing to support the “liberal” agenda without stopping to think about it. On the other hand, you may have seen someone that I disagreed with on Iraq recently telling me to stop watching Fox news, because if I disagree with him, I must be one of those blood-thirsty neo-cons.

Well, that makes me proud. It means I’ve avoided being part of the “packs.” I figure that if I piss off people from the far right and the far left as well, I must be doing something right.

Thinking about the issues, perhaps?


I was a little bit on the fence about this post because it involves the opinions of other people. If I name them, it seems a bit like I’m calling them out from behind their backs, and trying to start a kerfuffle. I’m not. It’s just that their views of me, which do not match each other’s views of me or my own, are good examples of something that has happened over and over. I remember another preson in meatspace who decided I was a liberal Democrat simply because I didn’t agree that Cindy Sheehan was insane.

On the other hand, if I don’t give names, then it comes off as if I’m trying to criticise these people obliquely, so that I don’t have to face them at all. Actually, I’ve already faced them all.

I chose to go the second route because it is the view, not the people, that I’m addressing here, and I don’t want anyone taking anything personally. It’s not about you….. it’s just about some of the dumb assumptions that people make.



  1. People do like their pigeonholes. But I think here in Virtual Argumentland, some people also oversimplify on purpose so the other person will be Shocked and Amazed at how they look to others. Never works. That Fox accusation was no doubt meant to rile you.

  2. No doubt, as was the bit today about how I “wouldn’t understand.” It just goes to show that some people don’t have an argument, but want to argue anyway.

  3. Oh yes, people do love labels, and I just love when a person assigns a label to ME when they’ve read just one opinion I hold on one particular issue. AS IF!

  4. I’ve been called everything. Don’t care. I know who the people are who can engage in a real discussion about things that matter and those who can’t or don’t want to. You’re one of the former and it’s always interesting to have a conversation with you. Same with Don and Nat.

  5. Face it, Joe – you’re nothing more than a Contarded Libtard. Or is that a Libtarted Contard?

    Either way, that’s you all over. Just bowing down to the Libservative party line. Getting your orders from Bill O’Rather over at FoxNN News.


    Ook ook

  6. I like the way that blogs have such a quick post turnover (well most of them anyway) that you can find yourself agreeing totally with someone on one post and then disagreeing with them totally on the next post. I like that.

  7. Agreed, Lucy. I don’t agree/disagree because of the person at all, it’s all about the topic. One of the fiercest political arguments I’ve had in the last year was with my best friend since high school. Of course, he was drunk, and wrong.. 🙂

  8. So why IS a three part Iraq out, Joe? Lucky I came by…

  9. fox has news?

  10. “So why IS a three part Iraq out, Joe? Lucky I came by…”

    Attention span. Most people would stop watching after the second part, especially if the third was on opposide “American Idol.”

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