Right, this is important.

It’s funny how the shoe is on the other foot now. The Republicans and their media lapdogs seem to have trouble with the idea that they’ve lost their “mandate.” Now that the will of the people is against them, they’re just chomping and frothing.

All I’ve heard about this morning is the fact that Nancy Pelosi, visiting an Arab country, has worn a headscarf. Oh. My. God. She is embarrassing all western womanhood! She is taking a submissive role!  “What message does this send?”, asks phone sex enthusiast Bill O’Reilly.

Well, Bill, what “message” does this photo of Laura Bush send?


Or this one?


Or this photo of the President?


It’s called “understanding and respecting other cultures.” But a bigot like O’Reilly would not understand that. Just remember, these criticisms come from the same people who constantly assured us that this was a war on terrorism, NOT a war on Arabs or on Islam.

Gee, maybe if the people in charge knew who this was a war against, we wouldn’t be in such a clusterfuck now.

Update: Looky what I found here.


Well, isn’t SHE just the treasonous little bitch?



  1. Don’t all mad dogs froth??

  2. I suppose as a way of underlining the hypcrisy of Faux News and the administration, you could also have mentioned how two days after Pelosi left Syria, Repubican Congressman Dan Issa visited President Assad. But without the cries of treason and objections which were the soundtrack to Pelosi’s trip.

    Sigh. Just sigh.

    Ook ook.

  3. No, I could not have, Fez, because I didn’t know about that. Thanks!

  4. Joe, I’ll be honest, the Hijab (headscarf) in Muslim countries has always bothered me a great deal. It stands not only as a symbol of modesty, but, IMHO, also as a symbol of oppression of women. It’s like the confederate flag. There is a case to be made that the flag symbolizes states rights, but it will always be associated with slavery. I don’t know if I can ever look at at a Hijab without prejudice. Not very P.C., I know, but it’s a gut reaction.

  5. The hijab bugs me as Cody says, but it’s not what’s important here at all. Pelosi fucked up in giving a message from Israel that they never sent. Has nothing to do with the stupid scarf, but what’s underneath it.

  6. Cody- I agree with you about the hijab, but no one is being forced to wear one here. That is THEIR country, so what the average American citizen thinks about it is immaterial, just as their opinion about how our women dress is immaterial to us. The fact is that many people on the right are making a big deal out of her wearing it in order to get the “traitor” message across without actually saying it, and they’re skipping the fact that Laura Bush and Condi Rice did the EXACT SAME THING.

    Not picking on you here, Cody, (in fact I just added you to that list on the left) but instead on the neocons in general – I would take the “oppression of women” argument more seriously if it weren’t coming from the extreme right, which wants to outlaw abortion in all cases. Also, if the American government had ratified the Equal Rights Amendment. As it is, it seems might hollow coming from the neocons.

  7. The whole Hijab – oppression thing is one of those instances, I think, of perception becoming reality.

    True, Muslim culture does have a heavy-handed attitude toward the double-X chromosome set and I would never claim that women aren’t seriously fucked in those places, but a big part of the hijab is the same sort of cultural-religious attitude which says jewish men should wear a yarmulke or other head covering.

    So, at least in that sense, a non-muslim woman wearing a hijab in a muslim country is the same as a non-jewish man wearing a yarmulke in a synagoge. It’s a sign of minimal acknowledgement and respect of a different culture.

    Ook ook

  8. Paula – Are you talking about Pelosi pledging to get the two Israeli soldiers captured in Lebanon back?

  9. Oh, rah-rah Israel folks please replace “captured in Lebanon” with “kidnapped by Hezbollah”

    The truth is somewhere in there.

  10. Evidently, she said that Israel was ready to talk peace, and the PM of Israel says that there are conditions that she didn’t mention.

    What gets me is this – sure, there are countries in the Middle East whose governments support terrorism. But are we supposed to shun every country that the White House CLAIMS is doing so? They already lied about that in Iraq, and they’ve been mighty cushy with the Saudis, as well, so let’s just say that the White House is no longer a truly valid source of info when it comes to foriegn policy. Like it or not, neocons, the President’s “mandate” has been rescinded. Endless war and refusing to talk to countries that you don’t agree with is not “forign policy” by most people’s standards.

  11. O’Tim, it’s what Joe said. There’s been no new overture by Israel toward Syria.

  12. A woman wearing the hijab is pretty unexceptional, and people who get upset by it are missing the point that it’s the oppression of women that symbolises the oppression of women (the two things may co-exist, but they don’t *go together*). However holding hands with a Saudi prince dude is going way beyond the requirements of protocol. That’s not at all the kind of thing a fellow leader is expected to do. It’s totally creepy to see Bush doing that. How could he possibly think it was a good idea? Is he that close to the Saudis? How come nobody’s bothered by that?

  13. Here is the difference between the yarmulke and the Hijab. NO ONE IS FORCED TO WEAR THE YARMULKE UNDER PENALTY OF DEATH OR STONING. I really don’t care if some one in this country CHOOSES to wear it. I have a real problem with the Hijab, Burqua, or Abaya when they are FORCED upon women. Again, just my opinion.

  14. Cody – I agree with your point as far as it goes. Being forced to wear anything in particular under threat of death is very foriegn to our way of thinking over here, just as allowing someone like Britney to flash her cooch in public with no legal repercussions is foriegn to theirs. I assume, then, that you see it as no worse for Nancy to wear it when visiting their country than it was for Laura and Condi to do so? That’s what this is about. You’ll hear Bill O. and Ann C. going on about Pelosi, conveniently forgetting that it’s been done by Republicans as well.

  15. Joe, I agree with you 100% about everyone wearing one. I just wish that NO public servants would wear them.

  16. The headscarf is only forced on women in Saudi. And, it is required in Iran (note; Iranians are NOT Arab, though they are Muslim) since the shah was ousted in the 70’s.

    The headscarf is NOT required or forced by law on anyone in the UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait or the other Emirate countries). Not in Oman, or Yemen either.

    I lived in the Middle East for a long time. Many of my female Arab friends didn’t wear a head scarf in certain situations or certain public places. A few of them NEVER wore one. Some wore them everywhere. It depends on the family/tribe they come from — how religious they are. Some wear it because they want too. And others don’t. Some rebel – blah blah blah. All their daughters go through the rebellious teenage years just like our daughters. Only theirs aren’t getting pregnant and ending up on drugs (this is one thing I came to really appreciate about their culuture and wish we had a little bit of in the West —— children are allowed to be children without being forced to grow up too fast).

    I can promise you most Arab women are not ‘poor oppressed’ women. It may have been the case in Afghanistan under the Taliban rule, but it’s certainly not the case in the rest of the Muslim world. Not even in most Saudi households. Arab women RULE THEIR HOMES! (There are, of course, exceptions — you get wife-beating asshats in any country. But, domestic violence isn’t any different than in other country — if anything it’s lower in the Arab countries)

    I make a distinction between Muslim and Arab here. Not all Arabs are Muslim.
    Not all Arabs have the same values placed on them – because there are differences between their tribes – and those who practise different religions; I know some Arab Christians and some Arab atheists.

    Anyone visiting most Muslim countries will find that it is only customary to cover arms, legs and head/hair in certain places (e.g. when visiting a mosque especially). If you go to the souk, where you are likely to see older people (who tend to be more religious) you’d cover up a bit more than if visiting the local supermarket frequented by ex-pats.

    I guarantee you, that all these Western women (Bush, Rice, et al) were treated like queens when they visited Arab countries. They were fully briefed on the customs when visiting the mosques and any other place where they would need to cover.

    It’s all about diplomacy and respect. Big deal if Condoleeza or Laura don a head scarf.

    Sour Grapes, I bet the Saudi Prince simply grasped Bush’s hand when the photo was taken. They don’t tend to walk around holding hands in a lingering way. Though, there is some fishy history between the Bush family and the Saudi Royals. They go way back and have made lots of money together. Bastards.

  17. Remember the Afghan girl from the cover of National Geographic… the one with “the eyes”? They found her again as an adult. While she didn’t like what has happened to her country, she loved her culture, and she loved her burka for what it said about her as a good muslim woman. Here the burka is seen solely as a symbol of oppression.

    Americans sometimes have a problem with the idea that not everyone in the world wants to be just like them.

    Thanks for the informed input, TLG!

  18. Yeh, I saw a program where they found the Afghan girl — they had to use some eye technology to prove it was really her. Same program, yes?

    I think it’s a shame that we, Americans’, tend to hold polarised views of the world (not everyone, obviously, but a majority, I’d say). It’s not entirely our fault – since the media feeds us this shit. But, we have the internet, and news travels faster now, than ever before. And we need to learn to think critically.

    But you know what? Very similar misconceptions abound in the Muslim (note, I don’t say ‘Arab’) world — the Arab news, e.g. Al Jazeera, is just as full of propaganda and misconceptions about the West. I’m gonna blog about a conversation I once had with a male, Muslim Arab friend. If I don’t get to it soon, then someone remind me. It involves a bar, a nudist holiday and a fat Arab and it’s damned funny. And it’s true. (We’re still friends with him today. I dig honesty.).

  19. I didn’t see it on TV, it was in print. I think it was a thin “sample” issue that they mailed out to drum up subscriptions.

    I absolutely agree that we don’t know enough about other countries and cultures, and vice versa. Most of us tend to assume that we do, though.That’s why I hate all this “don’t bother talking, just bomb them” crap from people who don’t know anything that Bill O’Reilly didn’t tell them.

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