Paula has a post about what you like and what you don’t, and the why’s and wherefores of it. Well, in springtime, this young man is reminded of something he just hates. And he doesn’t give a rabbit’s tail who disapproves.



One should never have to defend not liking peeps. You don’t have to defend not liking the idea of eating a fresh, moist dog shit, after all. You don’t have to defend not chewing on painted packing material. That’s pretty much what eating a peep is like.

It used to even bug me when I heard the Blogovian colloquial “peeps” for “people”, but I got used to it for the most part. I still get a slight subconscious “ick” face because of the association, though.

Peeps should only be used for two things – scientific experiments, and as gladiators for our entertainment. Never as food. They are not food.

peeps2.jpg    So what’s hard to understand?



  1. That’s the last straw you Liberal Wacko, not liking Peeps is Un-American, why don’t you go back to whatever anti Peeps hole you crawled out from until Easter is over. 🙂

  2. I have them Peeps too.

    Hey, I just noticed “A Pile of Dog Bones” is now in your blogroll. Everyone knows that when you’re alphabetizing, you don’t count the “A” at the beginning of the sentence. “A Pile of Dog Bones” belongs with the “Ps”, not at the top of your blogroll!

  3. I don’t like to do it like that. You wanna make something of it? 🙂

  4. Of course you don’t have to EAT peeps! ~eyeroll~ You just have to buy them and have them around cuz they’re cute. But only the pink and yellow chicks. Other colors are just WRONG. I agree with putting Dog Bones under P.

  5. Peeps are left-over baby-poops dyed pretty colors to fool you into thinking they’re yummy.

    They’re not.

    Just thought I’d clear that up for anyone who didn’t believe you.

  6. Nope, lost me.

  7. Peeps are awesome, especially when they’re stale. I tried the cocoa peeps today, and they are tasty, but the original is preferred!

  8. You’re right, peeps ARE nasty. Blecch. Double blecch. Anything marshmallow-ish that’s not a real marshmallow that can be roasted on a stick and served on a graham cracker with chocolate is nasty, IMO.

  9. I hat ethem too. I thought I was the only one. I do like the blue ones b/c under that cellophane, it looks like they’re cyanotic.

  10. peeps are awesome they taste awesome

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