Monday Peeve: Several Things I’m Sick of Hearing.

1) Democrats are threatening to cut funding for our troops! They WANT America to lose this war!

Well, I haven’t read the bill myself- I guess I’d probably be with the majority of our Congress in that. From what I’ve been hearing, though, there is funding provided for in this bill. It simply comes with some strings attached, strings that Congress is within its’ rights to attach. The blank check for Bush is gone, and if he vetos the bill, then HE is cutting funding, not the Dems.

2) The people elected Bush to run the war as he sees fit.

Ah, yes, that 51% “mandate.” They also, and more recently, elected this Congres to oversee that effort and bring it to an end. Didn’t we just spend two years listening to how the liberals don’t respect the voice of the majority? I guess that’s another thing the liberals and conservatives actually have in common.

The cold, hard fact is this: The people don’t give a rat’s ass about Bush’s legacy or his ego. They want to be able to see that the national interest is being served, and right now, that is not what they see.

3) There is just ONE Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces!

And oversight of that one CiC is part of a governmental system put in place over 200 years ago. Oversight is one of the most crucial differences between an elected President and a king. It’s even more crucial when the majority of the nation doesn’t believe that the CiC is competent to do the job.

4) This is just partisan politics on the part of the Democrats.

I agree absolutely, except for the last word. Republicans complaining about partisanship is like the KKK complaining about bigotry. We didn’t see much bipartisanship between 2001 and this last election, did we? In fact, we saw a lot of sneering because of that 51% “mandate.”

5) Public opinion has swung to the left.

No, it’s just swung away from the current administration. If the Democrats don’t get something worthwhile done, they’ll lose the support they’ve gotten so fast their eyes will bug out.

6) This bill is filled with pork!

As opposed to those no-bid contracts for haliburton? Tell you what, Republicans – You find that missing 7 BILLION, then start whining about “pork.” It wasn’t the war alone that brought us to record deficits. It was the fact that a Republican -controlled Congress rubber-stamped anything that Bush wanted, filled every bill with pet projects, and got a rubber-stamp back. Nothing was vetoed for the first 5 years of this administration! Our memories aren’t quite as pathetic as some pundits would like, eh?

What line of crap are YOU sick of hearing?



  1. From the right: “If you don’t support Bush, you’re unpatriotic.” Like the traitors who went after Clinton when he was Preznut? Oh, that was different.

    From the left: “Impeach Bush!” Um, and then we would have Preznut _____? Yeah, and that would be so much better. Duh.

    I’m also sick of hearing how we’re not going to tolerate Iran’s doing this, that, or the other. Yes, we are. We’re going to let them get away with every fucking thing, just as we always have. Why can’t we just admit it?

  2. I don’t want to see Iran have nukes, but I can’t blame them for wanting them. aLook at our “foreign policy.” The difference between “most favored trading partner” and “enemy dictatorship” has a lot to do with who has nukes.

  3. Mmm… bacon.

    But seriously, a president can be impeached without losing his job (see: Clinton, William).

  4. Yeah, I realized that I wrote it wrong – I meant the lefties who want Bush impeached and thrown out.

  5. I’m sick of….

    “We can’t have Hillary in the White House because Bill doesn’t deserve another trip.” Look, I’m not a big Hillary fan, but since when is the spouse’s worthiness the biggest concern?

  6. Not until now, really. I mean, hullo? This situation’s never happened before, so how are we to answer your question?

  7. I think she means that in any other case, people are discussing the candidate, not the candidate’s spouse. Are we to assume that if Hillary is elected, she’s just going to turn the reins over to Bill?

  8. People comment on male candidates’ wives though. WAY back when, Edmund Muskie cried and dropped out of the race when people started ragging about his wife seeing a shrink. Someone had a wife who drank rubbing alcohol. Who was that? Mondale? Or that short Greek guy who let all the horrid black rapists out of prison and didn’t care enough about the hypothetical rape of his wife? You know, thinking of all this … politics hasn’t really become worse, has it? It’s always been utter shit.

  9. I think you mean Dukakis.

    Still, all through the Clinton years, Republicans made jokes about Hillary being the real President. Now, they seem to be saying that if she’s elected, he’ll be running the show. I wish they’d make up their minds. But then, I wish they’d make up their minds about the importance of perjury, too.

  10. EXACTLY!

    Yeah, that’s what I meant. Thanks, joe. Of course people always discuss the candidate’s spouse, but it’s usually not the overwhelming deciding factor, as some blabber-bloats are trying to make this.

    But, gee, after the Imus thing, nobody’s talking about anything else! Not even Romney’s flip-flop on the gun issue!

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