Separated at Birth? #3

minerva.jpg Minerva and Miles?img_0904.jpg

Two Updates:

1) Until yesterday, I never actually heard a cat fart. Of course it was the Magnificent Miles…. li’l Billie Brighteyes is too  ladylike to fart right in dad’s face!

2) If you haven’t voted in this month’s American Asshole competition, scroll down and do so. If you don’t vote, the neocons terrorists win!



  1. I think so 🙂

  2. Whoa, that’s cool!

  3. I knew those damn cats (cats in general)were the cause of global warming!

  4. Oh Minerva farts like mad. Hasn’t used her litterbox yet but has cast Stinking Cloud quite a lot.

  5. My cats rarely fart, but when they do … ICK!!!!!

  6. Cats FART? Do they squeak ’em or what? Dog farts can be nasty, but cats?

  7. I am convinced that our dog Brisbane (aka Snufflepupagus, aka…) seems to think that humans enjoy canine gaseous excretions. He will camp out right next to me just prior to the malodorous event.

  8. Nat- it sounded and smelled like any other fart, just smaller. I’d never actually HEARD one from a cat before, but I was pretty close to the source for this one!

  9. I never hear my dog fart, but man do I ever smell it! God, he stinks!

  10. LOL, I’ve never heard a cat fart and I’ve had cats my whole life! I know they do get gas when they’re kittens – usually when they have worms – but those are usually SBDs….lol Are you sure your kitties don’t have worms?

  11. No, Dawn, I’m not. I’ll have to talk to the vet about that. Thanks for the heads up!

  12. AAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! Why oh why oh why did I have to read this?? And right after my Butterfinger too.

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