I got a “Thinkie”!!!!!


If you read PJ’s Place– (and you do, of course, why wouldn’t you?) – then you know that she was given a Thinking Blogger Award from this fellow. This award comes with a couple of requirements. First, you have to post a link to the blog that started the whole thing.

Then, you have to pass it on five-fold.

Why has it taken me so damn long to do it? Well, I’ve been……… thinking. Yeah. I mean, three of the people I thought of right away – PJ, Paula and Jeff K. – recieved it along with ( or before) me. Giving them another would have been no more than a mutual -affection clusterfuck. They all  deserve it, though. Still, I felt obligated to pass it on in a different direction.

So here are my choices. Go see them, if you haven’t already.

O’Tim. – If you hate my blogging, go blame him. He’s the one who encouraged me to do it. Yes, it’s all his fault. While you’re over there berating him about it, though, have a look at his blog. I know few bloggers who are as willing to present multiple schools of thought on an issue as he is. And while some of his posts about local politics may make you think “so what?” he then makes it easy to remember that ALL politics are local, and that what’s happening in his neck of the woods isn’t all that different from what’s happening in yours.And this is just a great post. If you can’t relate to it now, remember it. The time will come.

The Zero Boss – I have no idea how this guy blogs so much. I’m thinking he has a sugar mama, lucky bastard. He does, though, and at least once a day he’ll have a post that really gets people talking. I’ll bet that if you spend some time checking out all of his posts for one day, you’ll feel compelled to comment about something. And if he’s proven wrong about something, he does the last thing anyone would ever expect – he admits it! I’d like to think I’d do the same thing, were I ever wrong.

Fez Monkey – His posts usually make me think, although I admit that sometimes they make me think “What the fuck is he talking about??” He does make good points, though they are frequently wrapped within thick layers of tongue-in-cheek weirdness. And I love the phrase “idiot boy-king.”

Lucy – If you’re looking for something to argue about, try here. Lucy’s great at finding topics that people have strong opinions on, and she is no exception. I agree and disagree with her about 50-50, and she can be counted upon to be gracious no matter which way it is at the moment.

Don – Just read this.

That’s enough. Y’all go think now.



  1. Yep, those are all good bloggers I’ve had linked for some time.

  2. Thanks, Joe!

    Paula – Don’t you mean, with respect to at least two of those bloggers, “from time to time” ? 😉

  3. Well, sure. It’s my policy (section 12b, paragraph iii) to delink when peeps are being fuckheads. *glares and frownies* But doesn’t it feel so good when you’re back? *smiles and brownies*

  4. It does indeed 🙂

  5. I just started reading some of these bloggers during the Movie Madness time…and I wonder why I didn’t click over from Paula’s or your blog before. All are wonderful, thought-provoking writers.

  6. Oi! Thanks! But the article you linked isn’t nearly as, ah, provoking as the comment stream, is it.

  7. Well, that shows that you got people thinking! (and others just writing)

  8. I haven’t been this happy since Reagan died.

    Excuse me, I don’t normally get this emotional.

    Ook ook

    PS: You’ve been tagged, bitch.

  9. Thank you Joe. I am always adding and deleting people from my IE bookmarks but there does seem to be a hardcore of around 20 that have been there since the start. Just got lucky to of found a good bunch at the start i guess. I haven’t read The Zero Boss but the Fez, Don & O’Tim i agree are highly readable.

  10. You must be thinkin’ today cuz you sure ain’t postin’. I’ll check back tomorrow for something wonderfully profound. ‘Night!

  11. “If you read PJ’s Place- (and you do, of course, why wouldn’t you?)”

    Sheesh, you’re assuming a hellova lot there, bud. 🙂

  12. Well, anyone who doesn’t need to know they’re missing out!

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