The early A.M bleary-eyed meme.

1. What’s your favorite color ? Deep blue.

2. Who’s your favorite Beatle ? George Martin.

3. What’s your favorite cooking spice ? Garlic.

4. What’s your favorite book ? The Once and Future King.

5. Favorite explorer ? James T. Kirk.

6. Favorite post it note size ? Big thoughts reqiure 4 x 4.

7. Favorite Barbara Streisand movie ? I liked that episode of South Park with her.

8. Favorite adjective ? Quenched.

9. Favorite car ? Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (fuck you, it could fly).

10. Favorite Rat Packer ? Dino.

11. Favorite Brat Packer ? ummm…………….

12. Favorite Green Bay Packer ? They are all my enemies.

13. Favorite City ? Chicago, Il.

14. Favorite song ? De Camptown Ladeez…………

15. Favorite adhesive ? Covalence.

16. Favorite ex of Liz Taylor’s ? Michael Jackson

17. Favorite Brady ? Alan.

18. Favorite Christmas Carol ? Alt. Just wrap her in a bow and put her under the tree.

19. Favorite animated monkey ? Chim-chim.

20. Favorite Writing Implement ? Biplane.

21. Favorite soap ? Prisoner: Cell Block H.

22. Favorite vegetable ? Terry Schaivo.

23. Favorite superhero ? I’ve always been a Spidey guy.

24. Favorite Brian Dennehey movie ? The one where he plays that guy. With the thing.

25. Favorite prehistoric family ? The Johnstones, down by the tar pits. You know the place.

26. Favorite TV Show ? Jeopardy!

27. Favorite movie villain ? Nixon

30. Favorite berry ? Chuck.

31. Favorite breakfast cereal ? Quaker 100% Natural.

Found at Boiled Dinner and Ultrablog.



  1. Great answers! I especially liked 18 & 22.

  2. 5 and 27 cracked me right up. You know, when you do these memes, you have to throw your own personality into them to make them actually fun, so hats off to you!

  3. Terry Schaivo… good lord, yer bad!

  4. Your answers were hilarious as all fuck!


  5. […] to Comments I’ve seen this in a few places, mostly recently Under the Bridge. Joe’s answers were characteristically hilarious. As always, blank C&P version for you at the […]

  6. I didn’t know you were into Cell Block H! Fantastic stuff…

    “Rack off, vinegar tits!” ;-p

  7. Cheezy – That was an inside joke, so “inside”, in fact, that only I got it. I caught very little of that show, but my dad never missed it. So stuck on it was he that when it was moved from 10:00 PM to noon,he bought a small portable TV that would run off of the cigarette lighter in his car so he could watch it at work while he ate lunch! This was my ammo when he’d start in on me for watching Star Trek.

  8. 18 is the funniest. 24 – I love that one!

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