Weak argument hall of famer!

This guy just got life for being a serial killer. Here’s a quote:

Much of the testimony at his trial dealt with DNA evidence. Prosecutors said Gilyard’s semen was found on six of the women. The defense contended the evidence merely proved Gilyard had sex with the women, most of whom were prostitutes _ not that he killed them.

Okaaaaaaaay….. so evidently, someone is following this guy around and killing every hooker he spooges on. How crafty.

I wonder how some people manage to sleep at night.



  1. I guess a defense attorney has to go with whatever crumb he can manage to scrape up, but yeah. I always wondered that about attorneys such as Leslie Abramson, who don’t represent poor fuckheads in order to support the system, but rather rich assholes so she can buy Jaguars.

  2. It’s the system we have, it sucks, but I haven’t thought up a better one.

  3. I know it seems ridiculous, but if you’ve ever been on a jury for a murder trial, I think you begin to understand that the defense is, in a way, the protector of the process as much as the defendant, forcing the prosecution to prove every aspect of their case.

  4. Oh cynical old you! you never know it could be true not…. I think I’ll join the cynical camp!!

  5. “It’s the system we have, it sucks, but I haven’t thought up a better one.”

    Well, get on the stick, dammit, we’re waiting!!!

    I never meant to imply that the system is broken or that there are people who don’t deserve a defense. However, with some cases, a lawyer with integrity (no more fictional than a hippocampus, I’m sure) would realise that the evidence proves the prosecution’s case, and simply represent his guilty client’s interests to the best of his ability, rather than trying to get this guilty person off with a truly ridiculous argument. In doing so, he does nothing to aid the justice system, and the transparency of the argument may actually work against his client. He also helps add to the general disdain that people at large feel for the members of his profession.

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