American Asshole: March Tiebreaker!

Well, folks, this month’s contest has ended in a tie, so here we go again! This time we have the two top contestants only. All prior votes are wiped clean, and everyone is now required to choose the greater of two assholes. The choices are:

Conservative love towel Ann Coulter: You’re what’s wrong with political dialog. 3 votes

Anthony Abbate – You’re a perfect example of the reason why millions of people just don’t trust cops. 15 votes.

These are some grade -A assholes here, folks. Only you can determine the winner! Remember, if you don’t vote, the Republicans terrorists win!

Since my previous vote had been for Abbate, I’m officially keeping it the same.




  1. I’m going with the cop. He’s a true asshole, while Coulter has become an irrelevant clown.

  2. I, again, vote for Ann Coulter.

  3. Anthony Abbate – cops are supposed to be the good guys. Political pundits, like Coulter, aren’t.

  4. Cop. Coulter’s a sideshow, an entertainer. Only morons take her seriously. Anyone who is NOT a moron who claims to take her seriously is lying because they’re one a them sickos who likes doing skeletons and they’re letting their sexual wants’n’needs get in the way of rational thinking.

    So it’s the cop. He can cause some serious damage, there, with his meatheaded violence.

  5. ” Only morons take her seriously.”

    Agreed, however, morons are one thing this country has never had a shortage of. Therefore she has an effect on the country’s political “dialog” (if you can call it such) despite the truth you voiced.

  6. Oh, Abbate without a doubt.

    Fat, drunk, belligerent, and a cop. What a combo! And beating a woman who is less than half his size. If that doesn’t scream asshole, nothing does.

    Ook ook

  7. My vote’s with Abbate, too. Coulter could win in almost any month!

  8. What Fez said. Hopefully we’ll not see Abbate in the AA comp. again, whereas Coulter is sure to be a repeat offender.

  9. As usual Abbate.

  10. I vote for Abbate. We can pick Coulter any time.

  11. Abbate. I originally went w/Ann, but changed my mind

  12. I am sticking with the copper, no good piece of crap.

  13. Abbate. Same reasoning. I haven’t read Coulter in a couple years but back then I thought she was funny. I guess that makes me an asshole too. But not quite asshole enough to beat on people. I bet even Coulter doesn’t do that very often.

  14. She was funny a few years ago. But then she got all shrill and shrieky. I saw her the other week ragging on Pelosi – now there was a good opportunity for some zingers, but Coulter just sounded desperate and lame.

  15. Abbate. Fuck that asshole.

  16. Ann is proud of her conservative sphinctre so I’m going with that lousy copper.

  17. Yeah, the cop. Coulter will be a finalist for Asshole of the Year, I assume, so I’ll hook her up then.

  18. Looks like we’ve got a landslide Joe.

  19. I’ll go for Coulter. The cop was an asshole, no doubt, but her assholishness (new word!) has a farther reach. Also, the cop’ll get his in jail…

  20. Coulter, Coulter, Coulter.

    there’s three votes for ya. 😉

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