There’s nothing wrong here that panic can’t solve…….

I don’t know what alarmed the people at this school, but they ended up calling the bomb squad because of a “mysterious package.”

It turns out that a box suspected of being an explosive device was actually something design to contain up to 500 explosions!

Cosidering the atmosphere in schools these days, however, they’d have probably preferred the bomb…………………………………………….



  1. What’s really freaky is that every time I click on one of your links to a Comcast news article, I get the main page with blurbs. But if I come back here and click AGAIN, then I get the article. ~doo doo doo doo~

  2. That Comcast home page is a little freaky……

  3. That happens to me, too. A box of condoms in a SCHOOL? I’m callin’ Dubya personally so he can send in the troops to take care of that problem!

  4. A schoolkid got his lunchbox exploded by the Army here last week. His sandwiches blasted to smithereens.

  5. Funny!!! Don’t know if I should say that considering the current climate though.

  6. Never thought I’d say this – but I’m kinda glad I’m in UK right now. At least on this kinda note.

  7. Im happy it’s May 1! Let the assholiness begin!

  8. TLG- So is Lucy. Watch out for the sandwich brigade.

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