Happy Aniversary, 2006 Asshole of the Year!


Mission Accomplished, indeed. Four years later, no victory in sight, no plan for an end, no willingness to listen to the country he claims to love.

This and yesterday’s veto only fuel my belief that John Wilkes Booth was 150 years ahead of his time.



  1. What I find odd is that he takes a worse and worse pic as years go by. This one isn’t bad, and neither were a bunch of ’em back then. But lately he looks awful (tired, dopey) in every pic, including ones on Fox, so you can’t blame it on the “liberal media.”

  2. Just imagine what the painting in his attic looks like.

  3. Asshole of the year 2006? Isn’t he the Asshole of All Time?

    Ook ook

  4. Perhaps, but he was only voted Asshole of the Year 2006 on THIS blog.

  5. No, Fez,Asshole Of All Time is probably Atilla The Hun. Or Hitler. Or Rachael Ray.

  6. That smug little smirk on his face drives me mad. I just want to slap him. And then tie him to a nuke and blast him into the sun obviously. A top notch arsehole.

  7. Girl Scout cookies spring to mind, where are the bureaucrats when you need them? Good choice of winner!

  8. Mirk – he was actually the winner for last year, I just like to bring it up now and again.

  9. I don’t favor assasination, I do favor impeachment. But only if Cheney gets impeached as well.

  10. Is it four years already? Shucks, time really flies when you’re basking in the warming afterglow of complete & utter success.

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