Tom Poston 1921 – 2007

Veteran comic actor Tom Poston has died.


When I was a kid and my eyeballs were superglued to the TV set, I saw this guy almost everywhere. He was never the star, but he was frequently a lot funnier. Not everything he was in was great, but he was great in everything. He is shown below with his lovely wife, Suzanne Pleshette. (Due to WordPress’ fucked up auto-editing, you have to click on this one.)


Thanks for the 50 + years of great comedy, Tom. Youll be missed.




  1. Yeah, he was good…

  2. Was he the guy in Mork & Mindy?

  3. Cheezy – Yes, thatwas one of his many projects. The full list of his career is in the second link above.

  4. Thats it, Mork & MIndy. I knew i recognised him from somewhere.

  5. This is insane, but I used to think he was a “cute” old guy back when I was young. He really did age well, too. GREAT in everything he did. He’ll be missed, that’s for sure.

  6. I loved him as George in the second Newhart series. He was an awesome foil to the easily frustrated Bob.

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