The Troll Buffet.

How come Furr’s never does THIS?



  1. Or the bakery. ~pout~

  2. Not sure what to say? The link went to a spider in ear thing then when I tried to clicked back here it went to a dead goat thing.

  3. When I clicked on the link yesterday, I got an article about a 6 legged calf (I jest not sir).

    I sat back and thought, “Maybe living under that rock all these years has really rendered me completely outta the loop on all things cerebral.”

    Someone enlighten me, please.

  4. You have to click twice.

  5. It’s a “troll” joke. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I don’t know where the other stories are coming from, I just get the pile of goats.

  6. I clicked twice and got:

    “Woman 83, Allegedly Made To Smoke Crack”

    When I clicked on it again I got the goats.

    I’m still laughing over the woman — even though I probably shouldn’t.

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