The Straw Man’s Argument.


Dorothy: If you don’t have a brain, how can you talk?

Scarecrow: I don’t know, but it seems that people without brains do an awful lot of talking!

BTW: While searching for this pic, I found a Wizard of Oz “fact and trivia” site. I found their cast/character list fascinating, and I think you will too!



  1. WTF? I didn’t know Casablanca was in Oz! Learn something new from blogs every day, I swear.

    I find it interesting that they weren’t allowed to paint a horse, but it was okay to give a minor human a bunch of drugs.

  2. I thought that was an interesting thing too, because why would they WANT to paint the horse? It seems that that would make it more difficult to change the color as often as needed, and might have kiled the horse before the scene was finished! Animal cruelty aside, it still would have been a stupid thing to do.

  3. I know Dorothy was hallucinating but what the hell was the author of that site on??

  4. Dude, that cast list cracked me right up!

    The painting the horse thing is a bit weird, given that Coppola killed a frickin’ ox in Apocalypse Now.

  5. He didn’t do “Heart of Darkness” much good either.

  6. My fave movie exchange is from TWoO:

    Dorothy: He said oil can!
    Scarecrow: Oil can what?

  7. They just confusxed their two favorite movies. My two favorites, too, although Casablanca ranks higher!

  8. “although Casablanca ranks higher!”

    I think so, too, mostly because of Margaret Hamilton and Jack Haley.. 🙂

  9. It’s all too much for my wittle bwain.

  10. Non-sequitir alert.

    I answered your interview Q’s, dood.


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