It’s all about the Troll

Here’s 13 of my best posts, by my reckoning. I was a little chagrined to note that all of them save one are older. I guess not having a computer at home has cramped my style a bit. When you have to do all your blogging at work, you either keep it short or do it piecemeal. Well, thanks to the RonTron 460, those days are over. Expect incredible brilliance in very short bursts from here on.

1 – In Memory

2- Ebony and Ivory

3 – Lies and the Lying Parents that Tell Them. 

4- Swallow Your Pride

5- Never the Twain Shall Meet

6- Googletrolling

7- Zen Blogging (recently made appropriate once again, especially the comments about not messing with comments)

8- Are You Ready?

9- 13 of the Stupidest Things Politicians Have Ever Said

10- Crime in the City

11- Diamond Dust

12- Rope

13- Mom

Who says Thursday Thirteens have to be work????



  1. Thursday Thirteen: Numerology

    Click these links to find out your numbers! And maybe let me know how accurate it is?

    Numerology’s Cornerstone – How You View the Material World
    Cornerstone (C)
    This letter empowers your creativity. You tend to be outgoing, to express yourse…

  2. OMFG!!! I am cracking up over the comments to your Zen Blogging post. Gee, some folks are a tad more inconsistent than others, eh? 😉

  3. CONSISTENTLY inconsistent, I might add. I got a big chuckle out of re-reading that one, myself.

  4. Nice list.

    By the way, I liked your old design. That big ol’ troll was just so fitting.

  5. No. 5 is one of my all-time faves.

  6. I really liked 3, 7 & 10.
    #1 made me sad – having just recently (okay, last year but it still feels recent) lost our beloved cat that had so much personality.

    #13 made me cry and made me remember a dear man who was my grandparent’s friend. I’d known him ever since I could remember. One day he had a stroke – so bad that he became bedridden; couldn’t speak move or anything. I went to visit him each time I went to see my grandparents. During the first visit, it was glaringly apparent that he was still all there mentally – his eyes blazed that he was trapped inside his failing body. It took every ounce of strength in me not to break down in front of him each visit. He passed away when I was 20. I don’t wish this illness on anyone.

  7. Oh and #2 had me laughing. Way to go!

  8. Damn, I’m hasty today.
    I totally agree with #4.
    Gah, I’m beginning to sound like a sycophant. Which I’m most definitely not.

  9. Oh, I know you’re not, TLG! Thank you for reading them all and commenting, though! THat was cool.

    I wrote #1 a little over a year ago. She’ll always be with me, she was one of the special ones. I’ll be going through that again soon, as Angus is having problems getting up now.

    Mom pulled through after I wrote that a year ago, but as of yesterday she’s in the hospital again. She’s not really responding and weighs only 100 lbs. This might very well be it this time.

  10. So sorry to read that about your mom, Joe.

    Btw, it’s 79 degrees in Jerusalem today.

  11. I tried to comment yesterday, but it was a no go!

    As sad as it is, I love the one about your mom. Your mom made a decision to be in control of something she still COULD control, and I’m sure it was a tough thing to consider, since she had loved ones who cherished her. I hope she is resting in peace.

  12. Not quite yet, Nat. See the comment above.

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